‘I AM – So You Don’t Have To Be’ A Blog Bible Study

I AM – So You Don’t Have To Be
A Blog Bible Study
by Lisa McKay

Table of Contents


Chapter One: I AM – Your Beauty

Lesson One – Just In Time
Lesson Two – Beautiful to God
Lesson Three – When Life Doesn’t Work Out Like You Planned – Part 1
Lesson Four – When Life Doesn’t Work Out Like You Planned – Part 2

Chapter Two: I AM – Your Sufficiency

Lesson Five – I Was

Lesson Six – West Side of the Wilderness
Lesson Seven – Who Am I?
Lesson Eight – Instrument for Wonders

Chapter Three: I AM – Your Fame

Lesson Nine – A Set Up for a Show Up
Lesson Ten – Keeping it in the Family
Lesson Eleven – Fist Shakers vs Faith Takers
Lesson Twelve – A Face With the Name

Chapter Four: I AM – Your Portion

Lesson Thirteen – The Purpose of Promise
Lesson Fourteen – He Brought Us Out To Bring Us In
Lesson Fifteen – Full Circle
Lesson Sixteen – Wide Open Spaces

Scroll of Remembrance

~ A listing of those who have faithfully completed this study~

Patty @ Girlfriends in God
Jen @ My 3 Boys and I
Denise @ Shortybear’s Place