Let’s Lighten Up


I want to first thank those of you who took time to pray for Luke’s Uncle Dave.  I am so pleased to tell you that he is improving and is now out of ICU.  He still has a long road but at least he’s on his way down it.  He and Aunt Faye are very grateful for your concern and ask that we keep it coming!

Also I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to pray for those life issues that you are facing.  Man, life is just stinkin’ hard.  I’m a fixer and you have no idea how difficult it is for me when I am up close and personal with someone’s pain and realize there isn’t a thing in the world I can do to make it go away.  All I know to do is care – and I do. And pray – which I will continue.

On a lighter note – yes, please – we watched the National Championship game Monday like good Alabamians.  (Spell check wants me to be a good Albanian.)  I’m not a Tide fan chiefly because my heart belongs to the Georgia Dogs and Coach Mark.  Secondly, Satan/Saban cusses too much.  However, foul mouth and all, you can’t take away from an awesome performance and the obviously excellent coaching that has led the team to another title.  As for the game, I have a couple of things to say about that:

1.  Roseanne Barr must have been unavailable for the National Anthem which is the only reason I can fathom they had the opera man from the unknown HBO show sing “And the land of the ah-weeeeeeee….”  You really should find it on YouTube if you have no clue.  It’s priceless.

2.  If I never hear the words “honey badger” again in my life it will be too soon. I would like to re-dub him “Frustrated by the Bama Defense”.  And then I would like to correct his hair.

3.  It made me very nervous when all those players started passing around the crystal ball which begs the question:  Is that one a stunt trophy and the real one is somewhere safe and sound?  Inquiring minds want to know.

4.  Let’s leave the BCS behind and talk about Tebow a minute.  Did you know he passed for 316 yards in the Steeler game?  Am I the only one who is thrilled with the allusion to John 3:16 all over the news?  God is so cool.

5.  Just think of the influence Saban could have if he didn’t cuss so much.

6.  Mark Richt is not a cusser.

I’m going to go now because I need to take some time to figure out Pinterest.  I just don’t get it, y’all, and the fact you all are so in love makes me know that I’m missing out on something.  Do you have any favorite pinners you follow?  What do you call Pinterest people anyway? Tips for me?


P.S.  I have an important reminder:  Contagious Joy is hosting a virtual conference More inJoy this Saturday from 10-12 p.m. CST.  Rachel Lovingood (pastor’s wife and co-author of the ministry wife Bible study “In Her Shoes”) and Diane Nix (creator of CJ, author and seminary professor’s wife) will be speaking as well as yours truly.  There will also be a panel discussion.  Those always prove to be wild and crazy!  Worship will be streamed from the band “Counting the Day”.  It’s a short couple of hours that we pray will be a great encouragement to women serving alongside their husbands in all forms of ministry.  You can register now for only $10.




Are You a Good Girlfriend?

And here is where I make confession #1012 here on the ‘ole blog:  I’m a terrible friend.

I’m a loner by nature and even though I love being with people, I recharge by retreating to a lonesome place.  I’ve always reasoned this stems from having four children so close together that consumed my every waking moment for years upon end that when they finally started school I was way behind on solitude.  Until the past year I was perfectly fine if I didn’t speak to one person all day until everyone came home from school and work.  I realized it had caught up with me not too long ago when I was at home studying (another thing that often demands confinement)  and a thought hit me with force…”I am lonely.”

I really haven’t done much about it because the bulk of what ever free time I have is typically when every girl I know is busy with a punch-the-clock job or her own life and it’s hard for me to catch up with my family and friends in Georgia because by the time I can get there it’s time to turn right around and come get the kids from school.  But, if I have any resolutions for 2012 it is to find ways of being more intentional in my friendships.  Thankfully, I don’t have to search far because I have a tool – a new book – written by my dear friend Mary Snyder that speaks to just this issue.


I just got mine in the mail this week and started reading today.  Mary and I have so much in common so I found myself connecting with her own initial girlfriend issues from page 1.  Mary has gone a step further and turned a personal search into real, relevant ministry and I’m so incredibly happy to watch God use her in a way so perfectly suited to her.   I’m even more excited that she is going to teach the bible study sessions for my home church retreat in March!

Now is where I get to bless you with a giveaway of a copy of her book.  Her publisher sent me two but – even though I love y’all – I’m being very stingy with mine.  To enter simply leave a comment on this post about one thing that has worked for you in terms of connecting with other women.  I know young moms especially will want some advice.  That season of life was so incredibly hard for me to get bathed every day much less make it to play dates or story time at the library.

I will leave the comments open until Thursday at which point I will randomly select a winner.

In the meantime, visit Mary’s blog to learn more about her life, book,  and ministry.  I’ve also just learned she is giving away two copies of her book and a movie gift certificate so enter here, enter there and chances are great you will walk away with GG&G and maybe a movie for grins.  Sounds like a good GNO to me!


Things I Think About While Waiting on My Nails to Grow

Y’all are seriously cracking me up on all your confessions about the dentist. I laughed out loud at Vernie’s comment about actually biting hers! Vernie is one of my girlfriends who goes to our church.  She is one of the sweetest people and most awesome moms (of 3,  almost 4 girls!) you will meet in your life.  This is the confidence I have in her, if she bit him you had better believe he doggone well deserved it.   I don’t know what it says about me to be so oddly comforted by the fact I’m not the only one who has sacrificed her teeth for the greater good of her children’s.  And did y’all see Sue’s praise about free visits?  Please join me in not being bitter.  

As much as I would love to share some profound theological truth with you girls I’ve given myself permission to be silly for a couple of days because my brain has been fried the better part of March. I just got back from St. Simons Island, GA where I got to hang out with the South Georgia United Methodist Ministry Spouses.  I loved them so but I won’t share too much about it yet because I have some beautiful pictures of the retreat center I want to load for a proper recap.  Here’s one teaser – I learned some interesting Hebrew and Greek during an initiation for newcomers.  It was deep.

In the meantime I’m waiting on my nails to grow.  I’ve had acrylics since before the first of the year and was ready to be done with them for a while.  It doesn’t matter how often I take them off I still suffer from the delusion that I can somehow save my natural nails that have grown out underneath.  Whatever.  I have boy nails again and decided to embrace them by painting  them Plum Black.  If anyone has any connections to the polish industry, I’d love a job naming colors. As if you would tell me about it instead of taking it yourself.

Looking toward the end of the week, y’all be certain to come back on Friday when we introduce the first guest blogger to the site.  Rachel will have more on that but to celebrate the occasion, there will be a new music giveaway from one of my favorite artists of all time.  I hope you’ll play along!

Okay, silly time is over.  I have work today before youth class tonight.  Also doing some studying for a cool Mom’s conference in April.  Teaching ‘Mom of War..Children of Peace” based on David’s preparation for Solomon’s future ministry and building of the temple (1 Chronicles 22).  Got a spare prayer?  I’ll take it.  Please and thank you. 

Are you in a silly time or one of desperately hard work?   I love to hear what you are up to.  Either way, praying you sense and exude the joy of the Lord in the midst of it.

p.s.  I’m looking for a really pretty blush/nude shade of polish for my boy nails for when I’m not feeling so gothic.  Do any of you have a favorite?

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