This Week’s Fabric Keychains…See my new favorite!

I want to thank you all once again who have embraced my new little endeavor. There are only a handful of people who understand how much I’ve been in need of a mental vacation and as silly as it may sound, this new found hobby has been therapy. I appreciate you for being patient as I work through my issues. They are legion.

Speaking of legion, the collection grows….

My new favorite… “Happy Floral”. I just realized I didn’t get the backing in the photo but it is a coordinating stripe. Loved it so much I made myself one!

By request to add to the SEC Collection…UT Vols! It hurt me to bring orange in the house but know that this was made with great affection for my Rocky Top friends. I’m not sure about the coordinating ribbon. I have solid black or black/white houndstooth but didn’t know if that goes with the Vols. Y’all can let me know and I will customize if you like the other options better.

For the animal lovers out there… Zebra and Cheetah! Rahrrrr!!

As always, you can order using the PayPal logo in my sidebar. If you ordered a keychain last week, I completed all those projects this weekend and they will be mailed Tuesday morning.


All available:

SEC Collection:  Georgia Bulldogs, Crimson Tide, Auburn Tigers, and NEW  UT Vols.

Patterns:  Brocade, Mickey Mouse, Aqua Paisley, and NEW Happy Floral

Animal Prints:  NEW Cheetah and NEW Zebra



Auburn Tigers Fabric Keychain Now Available


Auburn Tigers fans, here you go! This chain is printed fabric on front, backed in navy blue. Cost is $12 + $1 to mail and can be ordered through the PayPal logo in the sidebar. It will be interesting to see if these sell as well as Alabama!   (Yes, that was a challenge. War Eagles!)


Also have zebra print and another fun colorful print coming tomorrow. Stay tuned.