For the Love of Sawyer

I haven’t watched all of Lost yet because I’m the only loser on the planet without dvr but I did catch two ‘Sawyer-isms’ that delighted me to no end:

1. When he called Miles “Bonsai”.

2. When he referred to Richard as “your friend with the eyeliner”… Or as my friend Linda at 2nd Cup says, Guyliner..:)

I also have to share my sister, Christi’s, brilliant theory: She says Charlie is really Desmond’s son. Think about it? I think she is spot on. I just have to wrap my mind around the how of it.

Y’all have any favorite scenes from tonight’s episode? Any theories you’re mulling over? {I’m not reading until after I’ve watched online tomorrow..}



I know I haven’t talked much about Lost since the new episodes. It isn’t because I’m not still completely obsessed with the plot line, it’s that baseball season has started and I’ve had to watch the episodes way later than what would make a relevant post. However, thank you rain storms, we had no games last night so I actually got to watch in real time!

Here are a couple of highlights for me:

Kate and Jack: We now have figured out Kate’s lie about Aaron and that yes, Jack knows Claire was his sister. I think that moment began his breakdown.

Sun: YOU GO GIRL! How was buying out her father’s company the perfect way to humble that evil, arrogant man – especially after telling her the business problems were something “she just couldn’t understand.” I’m still not convinced that Jin is dead. Even if he were dead, people have a way of continuing to show up.

Hurley: Remember when he thought he heard the whispers and picked up the Jesus statue before bursting through the doors to find a suprise party? I hope it wasn’t wrong for me to giggle when his mother said, “Jesus Christ is not a weapon, Hugo.” Au contraire, Mrs. Riaz. Au contraire.

Sawyer: I love him. Kate should have given Jack the boot and stayed with him. He is redeeming himself in every episode for any amount of selfishness he ever showed in his past life. I just hope Juliette doesn’t get her claws on him. Have I mentioned I don’t like her?

Okay, so we have two weeks before the 2 hour finale. Something tells me we won’t get many answers about anything but I least hope to know how the exit from the island takes place and if the people left behind are truly believed to be dead by Jack et al. or if they left knowing they were alive.

Any thoughts??


I’m on my way out the door but I have to jot down a couple things about Lost last night.

It’s a sickness, really.

1. Finally an answer…..MICHAEL! Of COURSE it was Michael on the boat…who else would it be? (I sound so certain. It could have been Kate on the boat and I wouldn’t have been any more surprised.) Do ya’ll think they took the wrong bearings on their way off the island and that’s why Walt is all grown-up looking??

2. I can’t stand Juliette. Absolutely can not stand her. And in the words of Forrest Gump, “that’s all I have to say about that”. Also in the words of Forrest Gump, one of my all-time favorite quotes, “Sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks..”.

3. I first thought Jin had faked his death but did y’all notice the death date on his headstone? I’m almost positive it was the date of the crash…I gotta find me a screenshot on that one. Did anyone else see that? Also, if Jin is still alive apparently he is working for Sun’s father (Paik Automotive) Did Jin have to work out some crazy deal in order to get Sun and the baby off the island safely? Are we sure Jin can even be counted as one of the Oceanic Six?

UPDATE: Okay, I just read a post that said all Jin’s scenes were flash BACKS and all Sun’s scenes were flash FORWARDS. The last year of the dragon (remember the dragon the shopkeeper was trying to sell Jin?) was in 2000. So, Jin really is dead, but how and when? The date on the tombstone is the date of the crash but obviously that’s not the truth….

4. Hurley – Can you love him anymore? How sweet for him to be with Sun… I’m guessing this pre-dates his going crazy again.

5. What’s up with Regina jumping ship? And that boat captain? Mysterious….

Okay, I’ve got a birthday party for my Number One to shop for but I am REALLY wanting to hear what you girls think! I’ll be watching this episode again later….

Did I mention it’s a sickness?

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