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hope y’all are having an excellent week.  I’m preparing to head to Thompson Station, TN for a weekend retreat with the women of West Hartselle Baptist.  I absolutely can not wait to meet God in the glory of the changing leaves and to hug my Siesta Friend, Dianne Walters!  There are a few things I need to purge so here it goes, it no particular order…


1.  We have a winner for the first Casting Crowns cd giveaway….


Stephanie at Confessions of a Not So Perfect Pastor’s Wife

Congratulations, Stephanie! Please email your mailing address to lisa AT apreacherwife DOT com so I can have the cd shipped to you.

For those of you who haven’t read Stephanie’s blog, she has a great post right now about raising hands in worship.  Y’all check her out!

MW’s don’t forget I’m giving away another copy for those who submit blogs and fall photos to be featured on M2M for November 4th.

2.  I’m feeling guilty because I excluded lay people from the Casting Crown cd. So I have another one for CIVILIANS i.e., those who are NOT married to the ministry only.  To enter, simply leave a comment on this post .  That’s all.  And PW’s, I will make your giveaway easier next time.  I’m sorry I’m so complicated.  You should be Luke.

3.  I went to Marshall’s this week because I’ve been on a hunt for some ankle boots with a wedge heel.  I told y’all about the pair I found in Florida for $499 that I’ve grieved until now.  I say grieved but the more time has passed, the more angry I’ve gotten over them.   It is an insult to our intelligence to charge $500 for shoes that most likely cost $15 to manufacture.  So imagine my delight when I found some practically just like them for THIRTY-NINE NINETY- NINE.  There was also a sign in the store that said, “The poncho sweater is where its at.”  Under the sign hung various poncho sweaters.  So I bought one and wore it today.  I don’t feel any different.

4.  Sydney is making great progress with the colonial home.  We still do not have a chamber pot.  This is a good thing.

5.  Something I never told y’all that Sydney and I laughed over for the hundredth time a while ago.  When she and I were in Gatlinburg a few weekends ago, we stopped in Bath and Body Works.  There was a little girl of about 10 wreaking havoc all over the store while her mother paid her no attention whatsoever.  She came and stood by us as Syd was smelling a candle.  Syd said, “Mmmmm, this smells like apple!”  The little girl, not having any idea I was looking at her said, “That’s because it says apple on the label, you idiot.”  I looked down at her, jaw dropped in disbelief with what I know must have been a “No you didn’t just say that” look on my face.  She glanced up about that time, realized I heard her and immediately transformed from demon child to Shirley Temple with the hugest, fakest smile you’ve ever seen.  And then she promptly ran away to her mother. It was truly a $10,000 video moment.  Instead of whipping her behind for calling my daughter an idiot I wanted to hug her for making us laugh harder than we had the entire weekend.

6.  Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for this week’s Called Out article.   For those of you who are submitting your writing, THANK YOU!  I love hearing your experiences and perspectives.  Also, Rachel has done such a great job working these submissions and getting them edited and posted.  You girls are the best.

Hugs all around!

It’s Now or Never

So I’ve been meaning to write for a day or four but I was hoping to have some pictures for illustration.  That wouldn’t ordinarily be a problem if I could find my portable card reader thingy to upload my photos since the one in my laptop decided it no longer wanted to, you know, read cards.  I normally keep my card reader in the tray on my nightstand where I take off my jewelry at night because isn’t that where everyone keeps their electronic essentials.  Except now it isn’t there and none of the kids will ‘fess up to moving it or I haven’t yet remembered what strange place I left it last.  It comforts me to blame it on them.  Even though I have no pictures I will forge ahead because if I don’t starting writing now I may fall into another unplanned four-month break. 

I know you are gnashing teeth at the thought.

You may recall I told you not long ago that a personal hair intervention was in order.  I made an appointment with my beloved hairdresser, Tania, and was toying with the idea of something drastic.  My hair has been essentially the same style for the better part of the last 15 years and I don’t know how to say it any plainer than I was just flat out sick of looking at myself.  So, I closed my eyes and said, “Cut. It. Off.  And if you want to get rid of the orange that would be okay, too.”  

Tania gave me a fabulous cut and some ashy brown to neutralize my pumpkin and I’m finally feeling human again. And here’s where I should be showing you a picture.  But since I don’t have one of me I googled until I came up with what I think is close:


Wait.  Mine’s way shorter in the back.   And I would never wear it this way on the sides because I wouldn’t want our church people to see the tattoos behind my ears.  So in reality, I ended up with a cut almost identical to this:

I have a few more bangs and a lot more clothes but this one is pretty close.

I really worried about having this short of a ‘do because my hair is naturally curly and I didn’t know if I could tame it.  However, the cooler temps and lower humidity are working in my favor right now so we’ll see how long it lasts.

Now that my hair issues are resolved there is something very pressing for which I could use your advice:  My town has been invaded by skunks.  I’m not talking about the politicians that are ringing my phone off the hook or even the people who roll our yard every weekend.  I’m talkin’ real-life, black-with-white-stripes-down-the-back skunks.  I don’t know if we are on their migration route from north to south (do skunks migrate?  hibernate?) or if they’re ticked off that ridiculous cartoons like Phineas and Ferb have taken the place of that cheeky smooch PePe Le Pew (“Permit me to introduce myself. I am Pepe Le Pew, your lover.” Hysterical. Oh how I miss old school Saturday morning cartoons.)  All I know is that the skunks are making a come back and they’ve picked our zip code to do it.   

So my question:  Is there something you can put on your lawn that repels them?  Anything to pour on pavement once they’ve sprayed?  So far they’ve not gotten under our house (Oh, Lord, help us don’t let that happen) but they have emoted around it so much that I can’t even sit in my porch swing without gagging.  And the primary question: who ever heard of a skunk infestation?  Seriously?  Am I being punk’d?  

Perhaps skunk’d is the better word.

(So punny.  I didn’t plan that or anything.)

I’m sitting here trying to figure out how to tie this one up.  I’ve got nothing. 

Peace Out.

A Break..

I’m stressed.

That’s not exactly the word I want to use to characterize myself during summer break nor do I want to be depressing but it’s just the simple truth. Long story that I won’t even pretend is short, my debit card was stolen (or rather conveniently picked up by a McDonald’s employee in the window where I accidentally left it) and a 22-year-old girl went on a shopping spree that has pushed me right off the edge of compassion into downright unrighteous indignation. My days have been filled with more visits and calls than I care to count between the police department and bank. I’m hoping to be able to soon report that my financial institution has replaced the missing funds. As of right now, they have not and I’m pretty well aggravated that the tax dollars we contributed to buy out the entire industry seemingly have not purchased any accompanying customer service. I’m assuming you only get that if you have more zeros at the end of your balance than we do and if that were the case, this whole fiasco wouldn’t be as much of one! If the issue isn’t resolved soon, I’ll be sure and let you know who it is so you can AVOID THEM LIKE THE DERN PLAGUE. I’m on the fence about whether we will keep our accounts there.

I’m sure they are devastated.

Anyway, instead of also worrying over the fact I haven’t written regularly in a while, I am going to give myself permission to relax. I’ve got some revamping to do so I’ll be gone for a little bit but hopefully back rejuvenated and ready to go at it afresh. I want to be sure and thank all of you ministry wives who filled out the Woman Beside the Man questionnaires and to apologize for not posting those as frequently as I should. You are top of my priority list when I return. Thank you for your patience!

Hope you are having a summer filled with everything you wanted to do! I’m having a long overdue yard sale the end of this week to get rid of all the things we’ve accumulated in the past four years. After that, it’s the pool baby!

Be back soon!

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