A Few More Siesta Pics…

Okay y’all, I promise this is the last batch of San Antonio pictures. I have my entire album uploaded on my Facebook if you want to see more! Here are a few from Saturday’s Fiesta.

The Siesta Fiesta itself consisted of Beth, Amanda, and Melissa joining our group for a Q&A Session. I was so excited Paige from LifeWay let me ask Siesta Mama a question. (Will you be disappointed to know I asked about blogging? I figure it’s a given she loves Jesus so I wanted to know how in the world she fits computer time into an otherwise crazy schedule.) Beth was so gracious in explaining just how much the Siestas have given her a sense of community within her ministry. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to love those you teach so much and yet feel you can’t really get to know the women in your classes. If I understood her heart, the LPM Blog (thanks to darlin’ Amanda’s suggestion) has given that back to her in some small way. I have to tell you something else weird. I always thought that if I ever got a chance to talk to Beth I would cry. The thing is, since a lot of us ‘talk’ with her online, that initial nervousness wasn’t there. It was like talking with a friend. Definitely a highlight of the trip for me. Thanks, Moore Girls!

This is Lindsee from Lindsee Lou. She is one of the most darlin’ twenty somethings I’ve ever met. It’s so refreshing seeing someone her age chasing so hard after God and being patient with His moving in her life. And, I should mention again she has great bangs. She didn’t think so here, but I disagree. They are smooth perfection.

This is Stepanie from Ocean Mommy and Nikki. This weekend was my first connection with both of them and I am officially crazy about these girls!

This was the PJ Party. Someone please tell me who is on the far left? I know we talked but I’m so sorry! I just can’t remember your sweet name! In the middle is Robyn from Three Girls Mom and then my dear friend, Mocha with Linda.

Georgia (Georgia for God), Stephanie (Ocean Mommy), Fran (Blessed by Him), Sophie (BooMama) and Me at the PJ Party.

Me, Stephanie, Fran, and Melanie (Big Mama).

Me and Amy Beth from Ministry So Fabulous. She is so fabulous y’all. Notice our creative posing skillz.

Is anyone still utterly exhausted besides me? I can’t seem to get my mojo back.

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Siesta Fiesta: A Word on Inheritance

No doubt you girls have seen recaps of Siesta Mama’s message all over the place, but it would be neglectful, and lo even shameful, for me to post picture after picture of all the wonderful girls with whom I shared the weekend and not mention my Jesus who was the highlight of the whole thing.

Beth’s message was based on Psalm 16 and I can honestly say I will never read it the same way again. She spoke on boundaries and dwelling within the place God has portioned us. One idea that I’ve always been blown away by is the fact that I am God’s inheritance. That He is Mine and..what? I am His? That has always seemed like a pitiful exchange to me. I’ve always believed the only way God could ever be pleased with me as His portion was if I was lumped in with many, many others whose offerings were more significant than mine.

But, I can not ignore the entirety of Scripture which is full of God’s dealings with individuals. I can not forget that flawed David was the apple of His eye. That He stood near bold Paul in his moments of fear. That He spoke person-to-person with peasant girls and fisherman and kings. As God continues His work of preparing a plural people for His inheritance, we can never forget that people is made up of a singular you and me – each of us pieces that make up the collective treasure. And yet, mysteriously, if there was but one coin in the chest God would consider it just as valuable. I can barely take that in.

There is so much more I could say here but I have to be honest and tell you there are some things that God spoke to me that I want to hold and ponder in my own heart. Though I like to think I live my faith out in the open, there are some things that are tender, intimate and that I consider my personal, private treasures. He is mine, indeed. Fair trade or not…:)

I am reminded of one of my favorite songs. I hope these lyrics speak to your soul like they do mine.

Third Day
Magnificent Holy Father
I stand in awe of all I see
Of all the things You have created
But still You choose to think of me
Who am I that You should suffer
Your very life to set me free
The only thing that I can give You
Is the life You gave to me
This is my offering, dear Lord
This is my offering to You, God
And I will give You my life
For it’s all I have to give
Because You gave Your life for me
I stand before You at this altar
So many have given You more
I may not have much I can offer
Yet what I have is truly Yours
This is my offering……

Siesta Fiesta Recap – Friday

A few months before the Fiesta, Patty asked me if I would be willing to help her out with with all she and Kim had to do at the event. After praying about it for a nanosecond, I threw myself at her feet as a willing slave. And Patty, just so you know, even though you’ve released me I do not want to leave you. Get out the awl and pierce my ear, girlfriend. I’m yours for the next get together whether you want me or not!

I really had in mind to try to line my pictures up chronologically. What Ev. I’m about to go blind looking at all of them so in no particular order, here are my Friday faves.

Fran and Kim while we were at the Dome setting up the Fiesta registration tables. I can not even begin to tell you how much we laughed over the weekend. Or how much we starved. We were at the arena early and late every day. I swear I’ve never eaten so little during a girl trip.

This is me and Shonda. I’ve known her for over a year now and it was so great to finally meet at the Siesta Lunch! You know, I said I didn’t eat. Do you ever nervous eat and not realize how all the food disappeared? Honey, I cleaned my plate and never even tasted the first bite. I was so scared to meet everyone but I was even more scared of the waiters who wanted us to remain seated so they could get our orders and tickets correct. There were so many of you I didn’t get to talk to!

Brooke The Mail Girl (my traveling companion) and Tammy from Grateful in Georgia. I love this picture of them!

I’m still squealing over this picture. I love Marina!! I’m so happy we got to hug each other after all this time she’s spent trapped in my computer.

And now I’m squealing again. I LOVE MISSY from Almost Naptime. The people on the floor weren’t sure whether it was girl screams or mic feedback when we first laid eyes on one another. And see that adorable head with the cute baby on top? That would be our best bud Kelly from Love Well. I’m so devastated she couldn’t make it. I don’t know why she let a little thing like a nursing baby keep her from making the trip. Lightweight. (jk Kelly. I love you so incredibly much and your absence was felt. Weird how it felt a little like cardboard.)

Oh, and this one is SO fun. This is Vicki Courtney. You’ve probably never heard of her but she writes books and stuff. Here’s something I’ve never even told Vicki. She was darlin’ enough to call me once to mentor me in the book writing process. I got the time mixed up because I thought she was in a time zone an hour behind me. Anyway, when she called I was about to run in Walmart with two of my kids. When I realized it was her on the phone I thought, “No big deal. I’ll just sit in the car and talk.” Just when we were getting cranked up, my son said, “Mom, I’ve got to poop RIGHT NOW.” Imagine me trying to string together a coherent sentence while mouthing, “WOULD YOU PLEASE STOP SAYING POOP!?!!! WE ARE GOING IN ALREADY, JUST QUIT TALKING ABOUT POOP!!” So here I am on one of the coolest phone calls of my life with flushing toilets in the background. I’m sure there is some spiritual application in that somewhere but I’m loathe to find it. Did you hear the toilets Vicki? I’ve always wondered…

Awww…Here’s Bev Brandon. This woman is so wise and has a scripture for everthing. And her hair, y’all. It’s perfection. Love you, Bev!

This is Georgia, Fran, Kim, Me and Patty playing Rock Star on Beth’s stage. I SO wish I had my Bible so I could act like I was calling down thunder like Mama Siesta.

One of my favorite parts of Friday was meeting all the Siestas as they registered. Here’s Me, Shelly (who got engaged Thursday night!!!), Fran, Patty, Lindsee, Abby, Kim, and Jenny. I’ve waited so long to hug these girls!! It was almost too much to take in at once.

Oh, and this seat sign was very cool. I meant to save it but like a stupidhead I forgot to take it off my chair. BTW – My Bible is falling apart and I didn’t realize until we left the arena for the last time that Genesis thru Exodus 24 was left on the floor of the arena. I am still so darned upset about it. This was the Bible I used to write the I AM study so my Exodus was major marked up. I’m saving a Bible for each of my children and I really wanted that one to go to my girl. Oh well. Gives me an excuse to go LifeWay shopping.

Dang, I just deleted my signature code.

I’ll leave you with ,

Lisa The Plain

p.s. I’m working up to telling you about my word I got from Beth this weekend. I’m still processing it.

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