Sanctified Shampoo

I haven’t played Works for Me Wednesday in a while because frankly, I have run out of things that work for me. And the things that normally do? Now they fail me. Let’s just say I’m way off my WFM game.

But just when all seemed hopeless, a small change in my shampoo has given me huge relief in my pocketbook and cleaning routine. I think that qualifies me to play again!

Please tell me – am I the only one who has children who dump out shampoo? I buy the cheap Suave brand because I know, I know, they are inevitably going to squirt it out all in the shower. BUT, recently I bought a 1/2 liter of Tresemme‘ shampoo with a bonus salon pump for $3.87 and my life is changed. The kids can’t squirt it and I swear one bottle has lasted a month. I am so excited over this one silly little thing! I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I’ve had to beg Jesus’ forgiveness after getting hopping mad over shampoo messes so really, this little tip has enhanced my spiritual life as well.

And that, sisters, works for me.

** I haven’t done a WFMW in a while but this week is the Greatest Hits edition. I chose to repost the tip that got the most comments from you. Without further ado, here is how to get your shower sparkling! **

Want a Sparkly Shower??
Here’s how I do it…Works for Me!

Tilex Soap Scum remover – you have to have this, nothing else.

Soaped Brillo pads – the soap keeps them from scratching.

Mr. Clean Magic Erasers

Semi-Stiff Bristled Brush (If you have shower doors)

A Large Cup

Here’s What you do:

1. Run the shower hot for about 3-4 minutes to loosen everything up..

2. Spray Tilex from bottom to top covering all surfaces well and let soak for 5 minutes. (If you spray top to bottom, you’ll get streaks that are impossible to get out)

3. You can’t clean the shower without getting in it! Get in and scrub the walls first with your Brillo pad, bottom to top one wall at a time. As soon as you are finished with a wall, rinse well with your big cup. If you’ve missed a spot, Tilex again and repeat.

4. Clean the sides of your tub. Most of these are smooth so continue same process you used on your walls.

5. If you have a smooth bottomed-tub, you can continue with your Brillo pads. If it is textured, use the Magic Eraser. They really are magic! The tub bottom should be plenty wet from all your rinsing of the walls. By the time it has soaked while scrubbing everything else, the bottom comes clean pretty easily.

6. If you have shower doors, use the brush to scrub along the tracks and around the metal trim. Use Brillo pads on the glass, being careful to test an area first to ensure it will not scratch. Mine never have but don’t want you to scratch your doors and blame it on me!

This sounds so hard and the first time it will be. After this, if you keep it up your cleaning will not take long at all. I actually clean the shower while I’m taking one sometimes..Two birds with one stone! :)) I also have to sing the praises of the Mr. Clean Shower Cleaning gadget Shannon talked about last week. I have one and they really work!

Writer/Teacher/Speaker Helps

I read an enormous amount of literature that is quotable. Problem is, it’s terribly easy to forget what I’ve read later on when I need something applicable for a particular project.

I’ve always read with a highlighter but what I’ve begun doing is making a note at the beginning of significant book chapters with a note on the subject addressed by what I’ve marked. For example, at the top of Chapter 4 of CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, I have a note that says, “The Necessity and Effect of Prayer”. This tells me the general topic of the chapter and reminds me what my highlighted material specifically addresses. I also keep books that are important to me in one particular bookcase so I know where to find them when needed.

If you are a teacher, speaker, writer, etc., I think you’ll find this little tip of great value when preparing material. Just the simple act of jotting down these notes also helps me recall where I’ve read a certain thing I want to use. Another quick note: If something knocks me upside the head when I read or hear it, I write it straight to my current journal.

And you may be thinking right now I’m about the geekiest girl on the planet.

But hey, it’s just a little something that Works For Me!

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