Fish, It’s What’s Not for Dinner

Over the past few months Sam has taken up fishing. Sam is not unlike his mother in that when he decides to take up a new hobby he is all in.  The difference between him and me is that I tend to fizzle when I get bored but if he loves something he is invested, smitten, sold out for life even. This is why we discourage girlfriends and pets.  The more you show your affection the more likely they are to throw themselves into the highway.  The pets, not the girls.   So the fact he is angling for fish and not women is a good thing. For the women, not the fish.  (Shall we call this post a primer on misplaced modifiers?)  And I should clarify I’ve never gotten bored with Luke and he hasn’t yet thrown himself into the highway.  But there are moments just like this one I do not have one clue why not.  Not one.

While I was working the other day Luke called to tell me Sam caught a 10 lb. bass.  Ten pounds doesn’t seem that significant until you’ve gained it and can’t button your pants so I was completely aware this was a major accomplishment.   They tell the story better (and bigger) but my version will have to do.  The guys had already packed up for the day and Luke was fussing at Sam to leave.  “One more cast, Dad!” and Sam threw Luke’s line out before he got an answer because he is a forgiveness rather than permission kind of boy.  He was goofing off and reeling in much faster than usual when BOOM, something hit his frog.  Sam knew it was big but Luke didn’t believe him until he had it pulled almost to the bank.  By this time the pole was doubled over so being the darling daddy Luke is he jumped into the pond and cradled the fish like it was the newborn Baby Cambridge and carried it to shore before it had a chance to break the line.  It was a messy delivery but dad and son are both doing fine.

I made the guys come see me so we could chronicle the moment:

Dad and Son.  And Baby Fish.  The mom in me wants to make him put that nasty thing down and wash his hands.



I love this sweet face.  The boy, not the fish. Sam was so excited but I also can’t help but notice the desperation in the fish’s eyes.  It was still a little alive and, well, EWWW.  Please do not touch me.


The guys jumped in the truck and went straight to the taxidermist who, by the way, is not yet finished with Sam’s first 5 lb’er that he caught a few weeks back.  His birthday is in October.  In lieu of cards, you can mail a payment straight to the Fish Guy or drop off a sack of groceries to those of us who are starving while others are embalming food to mount in my den.

And yes, I did agree to let one be hung in the family room wall.  How could I resist when Luke actually used the word “eclectic” in a sentence when he told me how awesome it would look?  However, I’m fearful we are moving right on past eclecticness straight into Marine Inspired.  I draw the line at two fish.  With two I can hang them with some sense of symmetry somewhat secluded on either side of the bookcases.  I’m pretty sure three will mess with the energy of the room  if by no other way than grossing me out when I see those desperate eyes following me while I’m trying to watch Revolution. (September 25!)

I think it’s time Sam gets a girlfriend.

Feelin’ 42


Today is my 42nd birthday. I wrote a little song about it that could potentially be mistaken as one belonging to Taylor Swift because we are both musical geniuses that way…wanna hear it?  Hear it goes!



It feels like a perfect night to put on yoga pants

and watch some Netflix  ah ah ah ah

It feels like the perfect night for dishes left in the sink

to just do nothing, ah ah ah ah


We’re middle-aged, content, and restless all at the same time

It’s hormonal and blissful, oh yeah

Tonight’s the night we forget about waistlines

It’s time

Uh Oh!

Don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 42

Everything will be alright, if I run to Target with you,

You know plenty about me, but there’s much more to see

Everything will be alright

If we keep groovin’ like we are 42…42

It seems like one of those nights it’s time to act up a bit

My teens aren’t the only cool kids ah ah ah ah

It seems like one of those nights we show the 80′s

were really the good ‘ole days

And robot in front of their friends… ah ah ah ah


Don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 42

Everything will be alright, if I run to Target with you,

You know plenty about me, but there’s much more to see

Everything will be alright

If we keep movin’ like we are 42…42

We’re middle-aged, content, and restless in the best way

It’s hormonal and blissful Oh Yeah

Tonight’s the night we forget about pride…it’s time

It feels like one of those nights

we act up a bit

It feels like one of those nights

We are the cool kids

It feels like one of those nights

that are age-inappropriate

But once a year will do..

When you’re 42….42

Time to Do the Work

This past weekend my church girls and I headed to Duluth, GA to Living Proof Live.  I’m going to expound on that when I’ve had ample time to process it.  The message Beth brought was so timely and profound for me personally and I want to think on it another day or so before I purge it.  For now though, I am going to leave you with a piece of worship that Travis introduced that I can’t stop singing.  It’s foundational truth to meditate upon and a perfect way to begin the week.

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