Okay, am I the only one who doesn’t know a lick more now than I did at the end of Season Three? I thought we were promised some answers, people! Oh well, wouldn’t be Lost if there was any story line resolution from one episode to the next. I’m just glad my fave little hobbit Charlie is still around, dead or not.

One cool thing I noticed today while watching a Season Three episode. Remember the woman in the jewelry store who told Desmond he had to go to the Island? SHE was in a picture on the Head Monk’s desk at the monastery. Whaaaa??!

It’s almost time, my friends. Time for the coolest, confusingest show on tv to jump start the pathetic t.v. lineups. (Not that they’d be any better without the writer’s strike. TV in general is just about unwatchable any more – but that is a rant for another day.)

I’m thrilled out of my mind we get the Thursday primetime slot instead of Wednesday nights. I only got to watch the last half of last season because I didn’t get home from church on time. Alas, we do not have dvr so I rented Season 3 and have been watching a couple of episodes a night for the last several days trying to get caught up before the premiere. One crazy little side effect that I did not anticipate? Luke has become a Lostie, too. He always thought I was a little dorky for loving this show so much and now he’s TOTALLY into it.

I’m certain he’ll wish I hadn’t told you that.

So I’m still completely wigged over Jacob. What in the stinkin’ world? And whose funeral do you think Jack attended? And who is the ‘he’ Kate had to get back to? Oh, I have questions people. If you have any theories about what’s going on or simply want to express your love for this show, leave me a note. I’ll feel ever so much better knowing I’m not alone in my fascinations.

And one more thing? I dare any child to need mothering tonight. They are SO on their own after 8/7 Central. Can ya’ll say ‘Ramen Noodles’ for supper?

Peace out, ya’ll. I’m off to watch more Season Three….