Survey: Can a Ministry Wife be
BFF’s With a Church Member?

I want to thank you girls who continually weigh in on the surveys here that I’m relying upon heavily to write my book, “Married to the Ministry”! (David C. Cook – 2009) Several of you have emailed asking how the writing is coming along. In way of a status update, I can tell you I’ve completed 4 chapters with 5 to go. However, I’ve been asked to move my deadline up a few weeks which both thrills me and scares me to death at the same time. I basically have 10 weeks to write 5 chapters so if you notice I blog even less than usual or that it takes me 3 weeks instead of 2 to answer emails, well, now ya know why.

With all seriousness, I covet your prayers more than you can imagine. I have no doubt that God ordained this direction of ministry. Publishing a book is a dream come true but more than that it is a confirmation of the promise of Philippians 2:13 “for it is God who works in you to will and to act according to his good purpose.” I WANT to glorify God in the written word, but it is the ACTING I have a hard time with. Focus is so very hard when you are trying to complete something that seems darn near impossible all while doing the best you can not to shut out the family God gave as my priority. There is no possible good I can ever do anyone in the name of ministry that will be more important than wife-ing and mothering well. So, if you will pray, could you just ask God to give me passion equal to the task? That my heart would not fail? That my kids and husband would never realize I’ve written a book in these coming months because I was PRESENT with them and not always thinking about some bit of research or commentary?

I thank you.

Now, down to business with the next survey.

Can a Ministry Wife be BFF’s With a Church Member?

Ministry Wives:

What is your perception on having friendships within the church? What is hard about it? What is easy? Ever had a bad experience when impure motives surfaced with someone who wanted to befriend you? Have your friendships ever been criticized by others in the congregation?


Do you think a minister’s wife should have close friends in the congregation? Do you feel her family shows favoritism? Any negative experiences based on these types of relationships?

As always, I’m sure you can think of more angles than what I’ve presented so feel free to express all your opinions here even if they don’t fit the question. I can’t wait to read your thoughts. I’ll respond after a couple of days!