The Preacher’s Wife Live

So I decided to play with the webcam to see if I could figure the thing out. I feel so iCarly! I can’t believe I’m actually posting this video. It’s ridiculously dorky but hey, you’re used to that around here.

I have to tell y’all the funniest thing. I had this whole first video done that was actually better than this one and didn’t have my kids in the background. What I failed to notice is that somehow I had enabled the voice alteration “Woman to Man”. So, I sounded like a trans*es*ite. Hope that word doesn’t offend you. It’s just the truth, that’s all. And no, that version will never see the light of day.

Lastly, I couldn’t figure out how to edit the “okay, y’all…” off the end. That was the beginning of my thanking the kids for totally wigging me out when I finally got the stinkin’ video to work.

How dare them speak in their own house while I’m trying to talk to my invisible friends.

Anyway. Consider this my official hello.

*Crossing my fingers it works*

*Double-crossing my fingers you’ll come back.*