Desperately Seeking Input

Does your husband serve in some form of ministry? Looking to connect with others walking your same road? Then listen up because you may be interested in something brewing around here.

I’ve been praying since the end of last year on how to expand the resources available on this site. The M2M Blogroll has continued to grow and it occurred to me that you girls need to have the opportunity to introduce yourselves and share your own experience with the rest of us.

Would you like that? Seriously. I’m asking because I really don’t know. I’m game but considering I’m usually the first to climb to the end of a thin limb, that’s not always a good thing.

Here’s the gist of what I’m thinking:

1. I will designate one day per week as a ‘Get to Know You’ Day. Except I’ll try to come up with a snappier title than that.

2. I will ask for submissions from you and will post them on a first come/first serve basis. I’ll come up with guidelines as far as what to include, word limit, etc.

3. I know there are many difficulties associated with a life in ministry and while I don’t mean to minimize those, I would like for this particular feature to remain positive in focus. I’ve got something else in mind to deal with the hard stuff.

I get many, many emails from ministry wives in crisis and I want you to know I am honored that you would ask my input and invite me to pray with you. As much as I consider this a privilege the time has come for me to admit I can’t do this alone any longer. I know I’m not giving your emails the response they deserve because of the volume of them. SO, again, in praying how to handle this I feel God has led me to create a Prayer/Wise Counsel Support Team made up of, who else, ministry wives with whom I can share these requests – with your permission of course. The idea is for you to contact us, allow all of us to pray for you, but then be willing for one of the women to offer a personal, individual reply.

In addition to that, I would REALLY love to host regularly scheduled, themed chat sessions where we can talk about all aspects of ministry. I crave real-time interaction and think this would be a great way for us to build one another up!

Okay, now that I’ve purged I would love to hear what you have to say. Obviously I welcome any suggestions and feedback on how to make sure these intentions of mine are done with excellence. I’d rather not do anything if it can’t be done well. I certainly don’t want any craziness or lack of organization on my part to end up hurting more than helping.

So, let me have it! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts…