Cute Shoes Online Discussion ~ Week Three (For Real This Time)

What can I say, you girls are fabulous!

It is impossible for me to express to you how much I want to reach through this screen and – as we say in the South – hug your necks! One of the key parts of identifying yourselves at the beginning of your comments is getting a really rounded impression of your personality in both life and ministry. The fact that most of you are challenged in the area of biblical sobriety endears me to you even more. Truly we were all separated at birth on that point!

I laughed out loud when Patricia shared about her ‘hanky covering’ for her skirt and the wiping off of her lipstick by a church mother. Forget sobriety, I’m afraid diabolical would have taken over my reaction on that one. Patricia, you are one precious woman for being so gracious for so long!

Amy – I particularly loved your sharing your hubby’s thrill at figuring out he could coordinate and execute a youth event on his own. You gave him room to prove he was worthy of respect which, interestingly enough, leads right into the topic of this week’s discussion: MINISTRY MARRIAGE!

There are many reasons I wrote this book but one of the main ones was to provide a proactive tool for all of us to be stronger, more confident women who are capable of shouldering the many pitfalls of ministry. Hear this: God called your man with your strengths in mind. He knew we could do this thing, now it’s time for us to know it, too! This is important because if we are falling apart at home, then that hubby of ours is going to have an awfully hard time focusing on the Kingdom Work for which he has been set apart.

With that in mind, let’s talk about the health of our marital relationships.

1. Give a brief State of Your Union. What word best characterizes the health of your marriage?

2. How have ministry-related pitfalls (*see pp.73-82 for common culprits) contributed to the strength and/or weakness of your relationship?

3. If you marriage is strong, please give a word of encouragement/advice to those who may be struggling. If yours is strained, please ask questions we can perhaps answer or feel free to share how this community can pray for you in this season.

4. What part of this chapter resonated with you most? A quote? An idea? A scripture?

Okay, girls, you know the drill! Sign in with name, area of ministry, age, and state. And if you are just joining us, it’s never too late to jump in on the discussions! Chime in at any time! If you still don’t have a copy of the book, there is a link in my sidebar with retail/online purchase locations.

Thank you again for sharing in this experience. It’s priceless!