We May Be a Little Obsessed with Details

The other day I was reading how Melanie had to make a Literary Pumpkin for her daughter’s library and I think I left a comment something to the effect of, “Glad we don’t have an overzealous librarian”.   Don’t get me wrong, I love a good school project just like you do. (You do, right?)  I mean, my friend Tammy and I had a blast building our kids’ solar system after church on Sunday night when it was due the next morning. (We made an ‘A’ by the way.)

Unfortunately, the assignment for the vegetable character came at a time when I had to be out of town for the weekend leaving Luke to help Sydney create this beauty.  Please note the dry cleaning hanging on the side of the vehicle.  It seems Sydney is a stickler for details.  Thankfully it was impossible for her to recreate the french fries under the seats or the football gear stowed in the cargo hold.



Just when I was feeling really relieved in not having to fashion a book character from a pumpkin, Sydney brought home a note.  For a school project.  And no, we didn’t have to decorate a pumpkin but build an entire house.  AN ENTIRE COLONIAL HOME.  Using at least 4 materials.  True to the period.  Albeit not required but worth 80 extra reading points.  For Sydney, the points were irrelevant.  She just danced all over the house in glee singing, “I LOVE SCHOOL PROJECTS!”

I’m checking her birth certificate to confirm her mother’s name.  She can’t possibly belong to me.  But whether she’s mine or not, I am reminded once again today I am her ‘One‘ and so she and I are building a house. And I’m going to be happy about it.  I LOVE SCHOOL PROJECTS!

True to the construction methods of the early settlers, our home’s base is made from a Little Debbie box.  (Can you sense the excitement!)



Syndey asked, “Mom, what details can I include that will make my house more authentic?”  What?  How did you even know that word? We spent half the night googling houses so she could decide that it needed a table and chairs.


And what colonial woman’s home would be complete without a peg for hanging her fashionable purse? (And our windows may be a tad out of square.  I blame it on the dull box cutter.  And the knife she was using.)


As we were discussing other things to include, Syd said, “Mom, the teacher told us that colonial families had CHAMBER POTS and that they actually POOPED in them and the kids, !THE KIDS! had to take them outside and dump them for their parents!  That is just so gross and WRONG! (Moment of silence) Mom, can my house have a chamber pot?”

Bless her.  She grew up with all brothers.

The jury is still out on the chamber pot.  Because, well, eww.   That is just so gross and wrong.

Next on the list is hot gluing all the junk Syd has gathered from the yard to the house and installing the central heat and air.  And plumbing.  I definitely think this house could use some plumbing.

Because I really don’t want to see what Miss Detail will come up with for a chamber pot.