Maddening, I Say!

Why did I think I could tune in to Lost last night and perhaps get more answers than questions?

I’ve read several posts where people are trying to determine who the good guys are. We now know that the man behind the freighter is Whidmore a.k.a. Penny’s dad. The only thing I have been able to determine thus far is that there are no good guys. They both kill people, people! How is either Ben or Whidmore good? The only thing we have left to decide is if we would rather stick with the devil we know – or kind of know – instead of the one we do not.

Here are some things I caught in last night’s episode:

1. Juliette isn’t as innocent as she plays, that ‘ole husband stealer. I despise her and my heart absolutely sank when Jack kissed her. ugggh. Anyway, I did read in a TV Guide spoiler that she gets off the island and works alongside Sayid for Ben by assassinating Whidmore’s people.

2. Did you hear Ben ask if the rabbit Locke was cooking had a number on it? In a previous episode, one of the orientation tapes showed a rabit with the #15 appear in duplicate to one that was already in the room. Think they were experimenting with time travel the same way Daniel was with Eloise the rat? Is it significant that the same rabbit could be in the same place in duplicate which would explain Ben’s freedom to travel in civilization and remain on the island?

3. Was Harper the psychiatrist dead when she appeared to Juliette? If Harper was dead, why didn’t Juliette freak?

4. Who in the world was Harper talking about when she told Juliette that Ben liked her because she looked just like ‘her’?

5. And what was the deal about the gas? Was Ben not afraid of dying if the gas were released? He’s been a prisoner with no mask so what’s the deal about wanting everyone else dead (which is what would have happened if Juliette followed her orders and killed Daniel)? Better yet, do you think Ben really issued that order or was Harper acting on behalf of Jacob?

And for Pete’s sake, tell us who the man on the boat is??? I’m thinking maybe Michael or Walt but I truly won’t be surprised no matter whose name they drag up.

Did any of you catch anything I didn’t? Fire away!

Spoiler Alert

Y’all know you aren’t going to visit around here on Friday and not hear some Lost commentary. Hope you’ve watched it or you’re seriously going to get way too much information from this post.

As for last night’s episode, I just have one word.


I have to give a shout out to my friend Linda at 2nd Cup who theorized Aaron would have a greater part on the show than we imagined. Oh, Linda. You brilliant woman, you! Have you been reading message boards and not telling me? I refuse to let myself go there as I lack the discipline to not stay there for HOURS reading everyone’s ideas on everything from the origin of the Island to how the Black Rock got there. All I gotta say is there are a lot of people out there not feeding their children or getting their laundry done. Kudos that they have something to show for their time-wasting.

All I’ve got is a warm spot on the couch with my heating pad.

But hey, nothing wrong with wishing The Theorists would bring their message boardiness here instead of my having to go there. How awesome if they’d just drop me their inside scoop so I could have all the Lost Thunder. That’s just like wanting great abs without the situps, huh? These people WORK to gain the Lost Knowledge and I’d say they aren’t going to give it away without some effort on my part.

Isn’t that a stinky life concept?

Ooooh, boy. Y’all are totally getting the stream-of-conciousness version of my recap today so let’s get back to Aaron. Obviously we found out Kate’s mom refused to testify against her at the trial hence her taking a plea deal that would force her to stay in California on probation for 10 years. But then the kicker is the ‘he’ Kate will later refer to when meeting with Jack is Claire’s son Aaron. BUT, Aaron calls Kate ‘Mom’ and she is telling everyone he is her son. So what in the world happened to Claire? Is she dead? Does she think she’s dying and ask Kate to raise Aaron for her? Or worse, does Jack have something to do with Claire’s death causing him to be too ashamed to face Aaron? (Lisa just reminded me Claire is Jack’s half-sister) And what’s up with the fake rescue story? Only 6 survivors who made it from the ocean to the beach?

ARRRGGGHH!! It’s just too much!!

But then we also have to wonder if the helicopter pilot was Ben’s ‘man on the boat’ since he didn’t return to the freighter with Sayid and Desmond. Did he take them to some unknown location for Ben to begin his mojo on them? Hmmmm….

I also want you to remember something Ben said in the previous episode when he is takiing the bullet out of Sayid. He asked him to remember what happened the last time he thought with his heart instead of his head. Sayid replied, “that’s what you used to coerce me into all this’…. So, obviously Nadia has something to do with Ben’s power over Sayid.

As usual, there are new questions to replace the ones that are answered. Still freaking out to know who’s in the coffin. Still want to know who the last of the Oceanic Six is. (I’m assuming Aaron counted as #5) I’m guessing the one in the coffin is #6?


Fire away….what are y’all thinking is going on??

Getting Loster and Loster

While many of you were out last night enjoying a steak dinner with your darlin’, I was happily curled on the sofa with the kids and my heating pad watching Lost.

Did you catch the part about the heating pad?

Yes, it’s official. I’m an old f*rt.

Luke got The Heating Pad as a gift at his 40th birthday party. The friend who gave it to him only half-way meant it as a gag. I can promise you it was joyfully received without the first hardy har from me. I’ve been wanting one but wasn’t yet ready to make this next leap into old age adulthood. It’s kind of like finally giving up the sports car for the mini-van. Once you make the step you don’ t know why you fought so hard when all that practicality and comfort was just waiting to be had.

My I.T. (Inner Teenager) just screamed, “Please tell me I didn’t just see the words ‘practicality and comfort’ come out of your fingers!!?? In ONE sentence??! We were never going to let this happen to us and you’ve caved! What’s become of us, Lis?

Well, IT. We got old and it just took too much energy to fight it anymore.

(Holy cow, am I really having a conversation with the voices? In front of you??)

I guess my point is well-proven now.

Here’s the funny thing. While most people use the heating pad for muscle soreness and bone creakiness, I primarily use it for warmth. I have been in a state of permanent chill for two weeks now and I’ve found that I’ve been spending a disproportionate amount of time standing in front of the kerosene wall heater that’s supposed to be mostly for emergencies.

A category my chattering teeth fall into according to my estimation.

My solution has been to put the heating pad on the sofa and sit on it while I work on various projects on my laptop. Oh, it’s quite the setup to induce permanent laziness. I don’t know that I’ll ever get up. The problem is all the children have discovered my coziness and they now feel they have the right to call dibs on the pad when we sit down to watch television. Oh no, kiddies. Mom has dibs on dibs and you are SO not stealing my toasty sofa real estate.

I told you all this just to explain that it was no small battle last night while we watched Lost to see who could sit next to me in order to catch just a bit of the radiant warmth coming from under my legs. It was all I could do to fight the little varmints off me long enough to find out that Sayid was one of the Oceanic Six and is now working for Ben.

Here’s my theory and I’m dying to hear yours! I think Ben has been free to move between civilization and the island since the beginning. Not sure of his motives, but I think he is threatening Sayid with the safety of the survivors still on the island OR he may possibly even have Nadia (Sayid’s girl, remember) and won’t let her go unless Sayid does what he says.

As for the Oceanic Six – we know there is Jack, Kate, Hurley, and Sayid. There is Desmond though we aren’t told if he actually makes it to the mainland. Besides, he wasn’t on the plane so he wouldn’t count anyway. But remember his vision? He told Charlie he saw Claire and Aaron get on a helicopter that would rescue them. Does the baby count as one or would you just count Claire if she is in fact one of the Six? And I’m still baffled about the funeral. I’m thinking now it may even be Sayid. If Kate and Jack know he is working for Ben then that explains Kate’s animosity towards whomever is in the coffin but Jack’s tears when he reads the newspaper clipping. It would also explain no one being at the funeral.

Well, my opinion and $4 will get you a coffee at Starbucks. Y’all let me have it with what you think! Britt, I hope you got to watch before I spoiled it for you! :)

I’m off to reclaim my heating pad. The Girl is sitting on it now and she just informed me, “Mom, I love this way more than you.”

I’m hoping she means she loves the heating pad better than I love the heating pad and not that she loves it more than she love me.

Though I can see how it would be a toss up.

Have a great Friday night!

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