Feelin’ Appreciated

My church girls are sneaky little varmints.

We planned for a few weeks to do something special for our friend, Farrah , who is having a baby in November. Jenny, our fearless leader put together a surprise shower/dinner out in which we would bring her a stack of baby gifts (Girl gifts no less. So much more fun to buy for!). I’ve been looking forward to a good GNO for a while now so to say I’ve been a little excited is an understatement.

After we showered Farrah, Jenny sprang a little surprise I in no wise anticipated. They gave me a PW Appreciation complete with precious cards and gifts. I thought I was there to surprise Farrah. She thought she was there to surprise me. And we both got punk’d but in the totally good way where we walk away with cool stuff.

To my girls: Y’all have no idea how much you blessed me. I’ve said it over and over – you love your pastor and his family well. The fact that you want to spend time with us outside of the church, the crazy way you love on our kids, that you pray for us and then tell us that you do, the way you provide for all our needs, and especially the way you roll our yard five times are just a few of the ways you put hands to what your heart is feeling. I say that is what your heart feels. I know no other reason you would be so extravagant with us. Thank you doesn’t cover it but I say it anyway. And yes, we love you with our whole heart.

In the spirit of Pastor Appreciation month, I would love to hear from both PW’s and lay people. PW’s: What things are your parishioners doing for you to bless you this month? What has really stood out? Laypeople: Give one another some ideas of ways you are honoring your pastoral staff. How do you know they love you back?

A couple of pics from tonight that do not do justice to how much we laughed.

Holly, Farrah, Katie, Me, The Girl, and Jenny. Girl was obviously past her bedtime.

Donna, sweet Bailey, Cheryl, and Debbie. They set the standard of how good, Christian women should act when out in public.

At least that is what they want you to think….hmmmmmm??

Michealle, Tammy, Deb, Brooke, and Wendy. Can you just see the mischief in their eyes? For those of you who know Brooke, well, let’s just say she was game on. Poor baby had a wreck just a couple of hours before we went out which provided for some excellent comedic material. Except, entering the competition now is Michealle. I can’t decide who makes my face hurt from laughing the most.

And a fun time was had by all. And no one even complained about my tendency to hug the shoulder of the road while driving the church bus.

Not much anyway.

Thanks again, girls! I love you!

All Things Fall

First, a big thank you to Christian Bloggers Unite for featuring my blog this week. If you are visiting for the first time, I hope you find this site to be everything the CBU Team promised in their gracious description. For those of you who hang around here regularly, check out their website. It is full of great resources for the Christian blogger.

On to other news….

We had a fun, full, fall weekend. It will be best if I share it in pictures…

The Girl and I went to her best boy friend R’s costume birthday party. Seriously, could she have picked a taller crown? I suppose she chose that one because it matched her royal flip flops. The plastic glass slippers were killing her feet.

Here’s Girl, with best buddy, A. (Her mom, Holly, just started a blog. Go see her!) She ditched the crown but not the automatic ‘cheese’ mode she goes in to when the camera is out.

The Girl and her other ‘boyfriend’, B. Don’t you love this boxer costume? It completely cracked me up.

We took a group of kids from church to the Pumpkin Patch.

Uncle Clay and Aunt Tammy with Carter (Deedra’s darlin’ boy). He picked out his own John Deere gear for the trip. He’s smitten with anything green.

I love this picture of Ally and Rachel. Ally is Deb’s girl.

The Girl and Eldest. I was so glad he wanted to go with us. I keep waiting for him to boycott all kiddie activities. So far, he’s still willing to hang out with his mom. He’s such a great kid. Please tell me I won’t lose him when he turns 13!
Number Two Boy. We went to the Pumpkin Patch straight from a football game. He had just finished accidentally sticking his entire hand into a rotten pumpkin. I seriously thought he would throw up. Hilarious.

Look at this hunka hunka precious baby. This is Deedra’s Lilah.

My Number Three.. He looks like he is posing for a football picture. I’m praising the Lord his hair is growing back out after a summer buzz.

The Girl feeding a cow. I was really surprised she would let it get near her. I’m not a huge fan of the bovine but this one was so gentle and sweet-natured.

I can not even express the sheer exhaustion I’m feeling over this weekend but it was SO packed with fun. I love all things Fall and am thoroughly enjoying the season, trees full of toilet paper and all.

What do you enjoy most about this time of year?

2008 Ladies Banquet

As promised, here are a few of our banquet pictures. Our little fellowship building transforms quite attractively but I’m not lying when I say I CAN NOT WAIT until we begin our Life Center. We are totally out of room for partying and that will just not do.

The Buffet set up by our dear friend, Darlene. This girl has got the decorating skillz.

Keena, Wendy, Anita, Farrah, Holly, and Shannon. I don’t know if I can keep up with knowing every one’s name but so far, I’m 6 for 6!

April – that makes 7.

Tammy, Karri, Me, Kathy, and Lisa – our honored guest and speaker. Girlfriend brought it on being a cracked pot. Thanks for a great message, my friend.

Pay attention to the girl in the black sweater vest. She is here.

She is here.

She is here. No one can work a room like Jenny. Must be the politics in her DNA.

Beautiful room. Beautiful Girls.

Check out a few more of the tables. I don’t think I got a shot of every one’s because my camera batteries went dead. Imagine that.

I love fall decorations! Absolutely my favorite. Makes me think it’s almost time for…


Karri’s table was the unexpected. She said she wanted to do fall but with a twist. She spray painted foam pumpkins greens and purples and hand-dyed her napkins to match. Are you kiddin‘ me? It is jaw-dropping what this girl can do with a glue gun.

Love the purple and yellow…

Deedra’s mac daddy table. Her pumpkins were my favorite. Again, they were foam. I had no idea such a thing existed or that one could do so many things with them. If I had a creative bone in my body, I would tell you the possibilities are endless. As it is, I can’t think of one more thing I would do with them than what these girls already have. Do y’all have any ideas?

More fall…I’m loving the orange in Cindy’s table. Her dishes were completely awesome and somehow I didn’t get a picture of them. They were orange with white stripes across them. So cool.

That’s our shindig for this year! What kinds of things do you girls do for your women’s events? I always love some fresh ideas….

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