She’s an American Girl

I don’t know how you approach Christmas gift-giving with your children, but we typically get each of ours a Big Thing and then a few smaller ones.  We don’t go crazy but Luke and I love surprising our kids with the best we can manage because for the most part they are grateful.  Don’t get me wrong, they ask for some things that are extravagant (ponies, 4-wheelers, laptops, etc.) but they will also ask for things I consider everyday essentials.  For example, Boy Three has requested lead pencils this year.  Lead pencils.  As opposed to quill and ink?  I didn’t know there were any other kind.  And also, we must be experiencing some pencil shortage I don’t know about because last time I checked the desk drawer was overflowing.  I could simply cross that one off the list but because I think it’s so sweet, you can mark my words I’ll be shopping for the coolest lead pencils EVER.  Better than he could ask or imagine.  And all because I know he was content to ask for this small thing. 

{I’m feeling a sermon illustration all wrapped up in that somewhere but I’ll spare y’all my trying to dig it out right now.}

It was sad for me last year when I realized the boys were no longer asking for Nerf Guns or Rescue Heroes or John Deere tractors.  Now everything is an electronic gadget or a game to play on said gadget.  Or some type of knife or weapon – particularly air soft guns.  {Do any of your boys play air soft?  Do any of your boys spill the pellets onto the hardwood floors and do you lose your mind every time you hear one roll across the room?}   Since the boys have graduated toys, I’m treasuring these last couple of years The Girl is interested in them.

For the past 3 months, she has been asking for an American Girl that “looks just like me, momma!”  I have to tell you that I got The Twitch when I looked on the website and saw the cost.  However, it was the only thing on her list except for an Easy Bake Oven and Taylor Swift cd.  Don’t know how I feel about giving that to her.  Right now, I’m just grateful she is over Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus who needs to just quit waving the name of Jesus if she is going to pole dance and give props to Britney in that ridiculous Party in the USA song.  Just sayin’.  Let’s move quickly from that soap box.

So back to the American Girl doll.  My girl picked this one from the Just Like You collection because, well, it looked just like her.  I ordered her, twitched some more at checkout,  but was then oddly comforted by the fact the rest of her list could be bought with $50 or less.  I was excited I’d gotten that taken care of early (miracle) and then began studying up on all the expectations that come along with owning the doll.  Come to find out, I’ve done my daughter as well her new friend an injustice if I don’t drive them both to the Atlanta store for a luncheon and a trip to the hair salon.  It’s positively neurotic. 

I made our reservations  for the end of January.

All that said, The Girl and I were at Walmart a couple days after I placed the order and I decided to take her through the toy aisle just to see if there was anything else she might like since we’ve not toy shopped in a very long time.  That’s when we found Kaitlin – a lovely Best Friend Club doll posing as an American Girl.

Would you like to know what The Girl said when she saw her?  “I love her a whole lot more than the American Girl because she has a diary with a lock on it!” 

Let me walk you through what I was thinking in those split seconds:

1.  This doll is $29 instead of $95.   I could have gotten away with spending 1/3rd less cash and she would have been just as happy?

2.  In addition to spending a stinkin’ fortune on the doll, I’d already bought into the powerful delusion of The American Girl World.  A world where good mommies buy their daughter’s plastic friend a $15 salad and pay more for her pj’s than I spend on an entire outfit. 

3.  The power of this delusion also caused me to be sickly disappointed that my American Girl dreams were flying right out of the window because there was no way the AG people were going to serve this impostor nor fix her hair.  Alas, it appeared I would have to cancel that reservation.

So what to do?

I talked to Luke to get his advice because dudes always know how to handle doll emergencies.  And with a love that can only be described as scandalous towards his only daughter he said, “Let’s give her both.”  We reasoned that since the doll was already paid for, it would take weeks to get her returned and then see the money back on our debit card.   And besides that, The Girl changes her mind almost as much as she changes shoes and purses so there was still hope yet that she would turn her heart yet again to the doll who was Just Like Her. 

And I was right.  I told her I had called Santa to change her Christmas List from the AG to the BFC doll.  She said, “You don’t know Santa’s number.”  And I said, “Yeah-huh, I do.  They give it to moms at the hospital when they have their first baby.”  She said, “Seriously?”   I said, “Well, of course.  Everyone knows that.”   She said, “Well, will you call him again and tell him if I have to pick one that I want the American Girl because one day I want some pajamas to match her?”  And I said, “Yes.”   And just like that we were back on.

 So on Black Friday, I was delighted to find a Kaitlin doll to add to the baby girl’s collection.  I know it is positively western of us to do such a thing.  But the truth of it is, my girl is an American Girl who thanks God every night in her prayers for giving her ‘all of the things that lots of kids don’t have.’   The thing is, she doesn’t deserve either of them but in a show of grace is getting them both.

And I  like to think God is okay with that.  

However, it is still unclear what He’s going to think about that trip to the Hair Salon.

*Deep Sigh*

It’s over.

The school year that is and I couldn’t be any more pumped than if I had just finished 30 Days of Shred and discovered my arms had morphed into the exact representation of Jessica Biel’s.

Okay, so maybe I’d be a tad more excited about the arms than the school being out but the thoughts of either one – no matter how unlikely the buff biceps – make me plain giddy.

It truly doesn’t take much anymore.

So, this week has been filled with Awards Days and Kindergarten Graduations and year end luau’s. If I weren’t such a Loser Mom, I would have tons of great pictures to show you. Unfortunately, the camera fiasco has severely limited my ability to capture thousands of words in a single image. (Thank you for all your suggestions! I’m watching sale papers now that you’ve given me some direction.) You’ll just have to settle for significant verbiage and a few charity pics from girlfriends who love me.

Let me see if I can succinctly summarize all these events: My kids are brilliant and they received lots of accolades for being so. I know that sounds totally obnoxious but that’s okay. They deserve to be applauded, loved on, acknowledged and if their momma won’t do it then I don’t imagine anyone else will feel so inclined. I’m incredibly proud of what great little human beings they are becoming and full well recognize they outshine any example I’ve been (or failed to be) for them. This is where I give full credit to their daddies (Heavenly and earthly) for exemplifying biblical manhood for the boys and the adoration of a doting father over that precious girl. Yes, I am one blessed woman and my heart is overwhelmed within me as I sit here telling you so.

Here’s Boy One (far left) getting a medal for being on the Scholars Bowl Team. He couldn’t get that thing off his neck fast enough after the ceremony. Someone tell me why a teenager wouldn’t want to walk through the halls in a Team Nerd necklace? I only felt slightly more sorry for the guy who received a ringing liberty bell as an award. I have to give a major shout to the teacher who gave her Spelling Bee Champ a gift card to Rue 21. Can you spell C-O-O-L?

I don’t have any pics of Boy Two at his awards yet {Nice save, Deb! Thank you!} but I have to show y’all this one that I love so much I could wallpaper his room with it. We had Buddy Pictures at school this year and this is Two (far left) with his besties. Anyone thinking Saul, David and Jonathan? (No, Saul is not standing on a box and yes, he’s the same age as the other boys.)

Here’s the picture Deb just sent me. I had to add it because I’m not altogether sure y’all have ever seen Luke and this is a great picture of him. He’s threatened me in the past about putting him on the blog but I think he was just afraid I’d show the 80’s mullet.

If y’all hang out with me on FaceBook, then you know every night of our late-winter, early spring lives are spent on the baseball fields. Thanks to the photographic prowess of my bff homegirl, Deedra (who also took my new bio pictures), my Boy Three’s aka Big Daddy’s pitching debut has been captured in great detail. Check these out. Smoltz-y better guard his mound.

What about it, Catch? Fast ball or slider?

Boy’s got a booty like his momma. You can thank me now that I haven’t worn baseball pants since the 80’s nor do I plan on doing so ever again.

Maybe if I hold my tongue just right it will be a strike.

One spout short of a teapot.

And now that I’ve unintentionally paid homage to all the Male Children, here’s one of The Girl and her BFF Forever. These two are the epitome of All Things Frou Frou.

It’s official: The relief of summertime has been overshadowed by the joy of completing this post.

Y’all have a fabulous weekend!

We Are Totally Tied

My Girl came home from school today with an important announcement:

“CRIMSON (her bff) TAUGHT ME TO TIE MY SHOES, MOMMY!” {And yes, she told me in all caps.}

Why is it my first reaction was to feel like a loser mom because another Kindergartener taught my child to tie shoes? Geesh. Do we women ever exhaust our list of insecurities?

I got over my brief session of self-degradation and told her what a wonderfully brilliant child she was to have learned such a complicated thing. And with that, the tying commenced. She pulled out every laced shoe in the house and proceeded to demonstrate.

What I didn’t anticipate is that The Girl had taken her tying skillz to the next level. I’m talking Masters Degree here with a few hours towards her Doctorate. Not only can she flat out make a bunny-eared bow, she can Triple Tie. Ask me how I know? It took me 20 minutes to get them undone so I could get my shoes on this morning. I would have taken a picture for you but then that would require my finding a camera, putting batteries in it, snapping the picture and uploading it all so you could see a hot mess of a knot. So visualize with me, will you?

But, the tying didn’t end there. Do you ever have those days of recurring themes? Get a load of this. While The Girl was tying shoes, she informed me that she also TIED for class favorites with who else, her bff Crimson. She was so excited that they got to share the honor. I asked her if she voted for herself or Crimson and she acted like I was the devil for even entertaining the thought. She said, “Mommy, who would ever vote for their selfs anyway?”

Ummmm. I don’t know? I can’t imagine anyone ever doing such a horrible thing.


What’s more, while she and I were having this conversation, the phone rang. Want to know who was calling? My son’s bff: TY.


I would tell you I’m going to put on my tye-dyed shirt and do some TaiBo but that would be a lie.

But lie rhymes with tie.

It’s SO time for me to say goodbye.

(You’re Welcome)

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