It Is With Great Joy I Can Now Show You Stufff

I told y’all the other day that I’d been having some camera issues that had greatly impeded my ability to document our important family days much less capture any fascinating blog content.

That, my friends, has all changed.

Sunday, we ate lunch at our favorite Mexican Restaurant with our dear friends, Sam and Lou. Imagine my surprise when she handed me a shoe box and told me she wanted to give me some shoes that didn’t fit her. I knew something was up when Sam said, “Yeah, Lou said you had a big ‘ole foot and she thought you may could use those.” First, Lou would never have said such a thing. Second, you have to know Sam, but his being involved with this mysterious gift had me full well expecting something to jump out and bite me.

It didn’t bite. It was this.

Oh my gosh, y’all. I absolutely love it. The pictures are beautiful and it does every single thing I could ever want and more. I would say I can’t believe they did this, but again, you have to know Sam and Lou. They are forever on the look out for ways to bless people and my goodness, have they blessed us. I’ve hugged them a million times, but it only seems appropriate to thank them once more.

Now that I’ve taken pictures of everything in the house, I thought I’d show you a couple of projects I mentioned a while back.

The Girl got a comforter for Christmas. Remember my telling you I finally painted her room pale yellow to match? It really looks great. You will think me overprotective, but I’m a little weird about showing her whole bedroom. Even so, here is the fabric of the comforter. I’ve finally gotten over how grown up it looks.

I bought white letters at Hobby Lobby because she wanted her name on the wall. These were on clearance for $1.50 each. I painted them brown but they were too boring. I started playing with the idea of outlining them in green but when I got across the bottom of the letter, I decided I liked the look. I originally planned on using the ribbon to hang them, but that was looking awkward. That’s when I decided to hot glue the bows and mount them straight to the wall. I think I like the result? I can’t help but think they need something more but for right now, I have to turn attention to the curtains. I’m embellishing some white ones with fabric scraps from the bag the comforter set came in. Believe me, when they are done, you’ll be seeing pictures!

Welcome to Under My Bed. What’s so great about that you ask? The fact that you can see the floor – what else? There is now nothing living there but a few residual dust bunnies and my sewing table. I can’t even talk about how giddy that makes me. While I was at it, I had Luke help me rearrange all the furniture. He wasn’t thrilled until we were done. The new set up is so much more functional and if I can make enough money from my upcoming yard sale, I’ll be shopping Target for my own new comforter. And guess what? I’ll take pictures of it! *squeal*

Finally, this picture is of The Girl wearing more colors than should be allowed in one day.
Just because I can..

Freeze Frame

May is not the ideal month to be without a camera. My good one broke some time back and my backup has officially bit the dust. I’m not ready to invest a huge amount of cash into a new one because there is this little thing called vacation I’d like to be able to enjoy with my family next month.

Here’s my question: Do any of you have a $100-ish digital camera that you are particularly fond of? What brand and model is it? Obviously, I’m not expecting professional quality, but there’s got to be a standout in this price range. I just don’t have the time or energy for research so who better to ask than you girls?!

I’d love to hang around but gotta run to the school for a luau.

Here’s hoping my camera isn’t the only one broken. Me in a grass skirt is not an image that needs capturing.

Y’all have a Happy Wednesday!

Week End

For the past few weeks, I’ve quasi-intentionally laid off writing hoping that a mental vacation would somehow energize the firing of the proper brain cells that produce interesting blog content. Turns out it doesn’t work that way. The longer my brain has remained dormant, the stupider I’ve gotten.

In a phrase, I got nothin’.

I’m pretty certain you are sick of hearing about The Shred. I’m on Day Sixteen. It still hurts. The End.

You already know we are at the ballfields every single night watching one non-descript game after another. Don’t judge me if I say having four kids on four teams has been exhausting and I’m over it. Of course I think my offspring are fabulous whether they strike out or make an excellent play. For the nanoseconds they are batting or actually touching the ball, my excitement level does rise. I wouldn’t dare not be there to support them and the team filled with children and parents we love but the truth is, I can’t wait for the season to be over. I would rather be on my sofa than in my folding chair. I would rather eat a meal on my kitchen table than on a bleacher. The End.

Lost is over until next season. I am completely baffled with the exception of discerning the overtly-obvious, uber-religious overtones that are no longer deniable. I’m afraid I’ll be forced to recant my love of the show once ABC has their way with it. But I’ll think about that next season. The End.

Luke just sat down to with me to share his sermon notes for Sunday. If I don’t listen, he’ll silently shame me into a more intentional blog hiatus and it will really be The End.

Y’all have a great weekend!

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