At long last…A “Cute Shoes” Giveaway!

Guess what?

It’s almost time for this:

Cute Shoes cover

(In case I forgot to mention it.)

It’s really not my intention to hijack the blog for the rest of sweet forever to talk about The Book so this post is going to be chock full o’ information and then I’m shutting up about it forever.

Or at least until the next time I bring it up.

Let’s go at this in list format:

1. Firstly, how about I give away five copies?!

You don’t have to be a ministry wife to win. In fact, my hope is that Cute Shoes is a church relationship building resource for laypeople, too.  Or you can give it to your pastor’s wife as a token of your affection. 

To enter, simply answer this question in the comments:

Are you typically on time for church or not?  (I plead the 5th.)

You can also add up to two additional entries by Tweeting/Facebooking and/or adding a button to your blog as a  link to this giveaway.  The button code is in my right sidebar.

I’ll randomly choose the winners on Friday, January 22. There will also be other giveaways taking place at other blogs during the month of February. I’ll make sure you are aware of which ones.

2. Don’t forget to enter your PW in the ‘You Deserve to Pamper Yourself’ Contest. Great prizes and she can be entered more than once as long as it is by different people. Go to  for more info and to enter!  (You can also read the first chapter on the Lifeway page.)  Deadline is February 28th.

3. You are cordially invited to a real live book signing at Lifeway Christian Store at Hamilton Place Mall in Chattanooga, TN on February 20th, 11 AM – 1 PM EST.  Truly, I kind of feel like a goober doing this but my hopes are that I may get to meet some of you girls who live in the area!   And if y’all don’t come, there’s always my mother.  (Mom?  Helloooo, Mom?  You are coming aren’t you?) 

Okay, enough blabbering.  Enter away!