Siesta Fiesta – Thursday Recap

I don’t know any other way to break up the tons of photos I have other than to recap one day at a time so heeeeere’s Thursday!!

In spite of an overweight, out-of-balance plane, Brooke and I arrived safely in San Antonio Thursday afternoon. I was thrilled out of my mind that Joanne, (already pictured in previous post) was also at the airport and we were able to cab over to the hotel together.

I called Patty after we were settled who told us to meet her, Kim, Fran, Georgia, and Jenny in the Concierge Lounge. I had no idea what that was, (I’ve told y’all I’m country come to town) so I was a little intrigued at the thoughts of hanging out in a Lounge with my blog bff’s. What happens in San Antonio?

Anyway, when we got to the door, it slammed in our face and promptly reopened to the sounds of a zillion squeals and giggles and a burst of camera flashes like I’d never seen. In fact, I felt a little like Paul on the road to Damascus except it wasn’t anywhere near that spiritual.

Shortly after our meeting in the VIP lounge, (y’all Patty has ROCKSTAR status at the Marriott), we went on a river cruise with some of the other Siestas.

Tammy, Kim, and Elizabeth. Love these girls!!

The river was just incredible. There were restaurants and shops all along the banks. A little fyi – I almost fell smack in it later on while trying to take a video for Luke. Wouldn’t that have been cute?

This is St. Anthony, the patron saint of small children and lost things. Apparently, my status as a good Baptist girl didn’t evoke any blessing because later when Brooke and I tried to find the Rainforest Cafe we ended up lost in a downtown construction zone. Nice. (We eventually asked enough people for directions and found our way. Had I been my husband who refuses to do such a thing, we’d still be wandering around down there.)

Okay, more to come!! Things really cranked on Friday..

I’m Back From the Fiesta

Hi Girls! I have massive amounts of pictures for you in a bit but I couldn’t resist sharing just one until I get the rest of my posts ready…

From this day forward, I will never ask ‘What’s Up?’ again without thinking, “Joanne, that’s what’s up”.

The look on my face was in response to a little teasing I was getting about my being vertically challenged. To make me feel a little better, Joanne ministered to my shortness. It was just one of the many ways she blessed me this weekend. I love you, Joanne, and you are even ten times more wonderful than I imagined!

Okay, I’ll be back in a bit!

And We’re Off!

Brooke and I are in the Huntsville airport about to board for San Antonio. We’ve just been alerted there is a weight and balance issue with the plane and “would you like to wait for a later flight?”

Umm. What the heck does that mean? Are we going to skid sideways into Atlanta? Dear Jesus, please uphold us with your Mighty Right Hand. And if you don’t mind, use your left one too.

Okay, I will not freak out. We are breathing deeply and believing God for safe travel. Not only for us but for all of you girls who are trekking in over the next day and a half.

See you in San Antonio!

(I hope.)

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