A Little Prayer, Please?

To the Sistahood,

The women’s ministry retreat I have been harping about since forever ago will begin tomorrow. I will be taking some time off from here to focus on prayer and the teaching over the weekend. Not like I haven’t been doing that already, but I feel impressed by the Spirit to trade my computer time for face-on-the-ground time.

Will you pray with me?

1st – For a pentecost…That the Spirit will translate the words spoken into something very personal for each woman there.

2nd – For changed lives – That each one there will leave with the courage to posess their lands of promise.

3rd – For unity – That the many attending will leave as one determined to go to battle for each other.

Thank you for how you bless me…

p.s. Don’t forget to stop in on Saturday to begin discussion on C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity…I’ll have it scheduled to post before I leave…:))