As If There Is Anything Better In
The World Than Time With
Jesus And Your Girlfriends

I want to thank you who prayed for our women’s retreat this past weekend. How is it you can be crying buckets of tears one minute and laughing yourself into a stupor the next? I’m not certain, but I am willing to wager our men do not behave this way when they are together. What we have determined is that laughter is the best ab workout of all. You should see how buff we girls are..:))

I’m praising our God for being in our midst this weekend. The conference was entitled, ‘I AM – So You Don’t Have To Be’. We studied God in four contexts: I AM – Your Beauty, I AM – Your Sufficiency, I AM – Your Prestige, and I AM – Your Portion. I remain overwhelmed at the goodness of God who spoke to me so tenderly during the preparation for these lessons. He has truly shown me I can trade in my ‘am nots’ for His I AM – I’ll never be able to fully comprehend how He can transform so much personal dysfunction into a tool for wonders. I pray we will all be women who make our God famous!

I plan on sharing these messages with you here over the next few days. I hope they will continue to speak as they did this weekend. God’s Word can be trusted to do its perfect work. It will be in the days and weeks to come that we can see the fruit bearing that will take place because of His seed sown into our lives.

To the 26 girls who attended..What a blessing and encouragement you are to me! I am completely overwhelmed the Lord would place me in such a circle of friends, both old and new, from both within and outside our congregation, from teenagers to seniors. Seeing such diversity and love for one another, I am sure I witnessed a glimpse of heaven. Thank you for loving me and doing it quite well. Please know the affection is multiplied back to you ten-fold.

Here are a few photos from the weekend. Of course, I didn’t get near as many as I wanted. If you attended and have some to add, please email them to me!