Thankful Thursday

Another week as passed in a blur…How much more important it is to stop and be grateful!

Here’s just a sampling of my Thankfulness:

1. The coolest thing – By a series of divine ‘coincidences’, a dear friend of mine whom we love and trust is going to provide caregiving for my grandmother you have prayed with me over. I’ll have to tell more of this story in a different post, but I have no doubt God was answering our prayers for my grandmother as well as my friend in putting us all in one another’s paths.

2. I have my Suburban back! Ahhh, sweet relief! Though I did love driving the mini-van we were loaned, (Thank you, R!) my ‘Burb is like my little home on wheels. It is not very new or very fancy, but I do love it and it has traveled many a mile with my family safely tucked inside. Thank you again to those who blessed us in that repair. You have no idea the grief and stress you relieved our family!

3. I am thankful for VBS coming up the first week of June! We have a fabulous coordinator and always have a successful week. I just found out I am going to be teaching 5th Grade which is not my normal ‘comfort zone’. (My wee ones are so much easier to impress) and I was hoping to teach a mom’s class but, this is okay even though it qualifies as an NLIP! Remember what we said about NLIP’s? We won’t give God NoLIP over them! So, since our theme is sports, I am going to decorate my room to the Georgia Bulldog hilt in a sea of Alabama/Auburn….Oh I am going to love this :))

4. I am sooo thankful for the opportunities to speak at my own church Friday night and another church in Georgia next Tuesday for our spring women’s banquets. Do you have any idea how much I love you girls? All personalities, all ages, I am just taken with you! I look forward to these nights of God and Girlfriends…Does it get any better?? :))

5. I am grateful that, though I love baseball, it is almost over. Three teams, 4 nights a week, most of the time 3 different towns for each game has just gotten overwhelming. My laundry, house, and car will prove it. And I wish I had just a nickel back for every hotdog, nachos and cheese, and gatorade we have purchased from the concession stands. My family needs vegetables, girls! The produce stands around town are beginning to fill up as we speak and I am looking forward to having some calmer evenings around the table. Now my hubby will probably laugh when he reads that, but I can have my good intentions can’t I? :)

Oh how could I have forgotten the sweetest blessing I’ve received all week? My son delivered an envelope filled with handmade cards from his elementary class at school thanking me for organizing the Winter Carnival and for teaching their Bible Classes. The proceeds allowed their class to have a fabulous field trip for which the children did not have to pay. My son’s teacher is a great man and has been a wonderful, Christian role model for the kids in his class. The most precious thing one of the girls wrote?

“Mrs. Lisa, Thanks for helping us. I wanna grow up and be just like you and teach kids about Jesus just like you do. Thanks for helping us pay
for our field trip. Your the best.”

You don’t think there was some leaking going on over that one??

And my son’s card?

“Mom, Flowers are sweet and it was sweet that you worked so hard on the Carnival.”

Be still my heart.
I look forward to your lists! Please go visit my dear friend Iris at Sting My Heart to join in the ThankFest! :)