"I love technology….." Kip Dynamite

Ya’ll, my computer is seriously tired. I never noticed we had much issue with page load speed until I started blogging and now it seems like it takes forever stinking ever to get from one page to another. If you think I am snobbing you on commenting on your blogs, I am SO not trying to…It just takes 3 hours to get to everyone in my sidebar much less you new girls I am loving to read. Feedblitz is looking better and better but I miss commenting with that…Luke and I are also competing for computer time on a much larger scale as we both are frantic to get our sermons/Bible studies typed, complete school work, and work in a friendly game of Luxor when the addiction mood hits.

So, I’ve decided to start saving my money towards a lap top…This may take a while seeing as I have no job or anything so technically, I do not have any money to save. I should say that Luke will start saving money for me a laptop though he may not totally be aware of this yet…I do have a birthday and Christmas coming up so maybe I can find some justification in there somewhere.

What I need to know from you is, do any of you have laptops you are in love with? That are lighting fast and don’t weigh 50 lbs? That are easy to plug in to a printer? Will I need a separate printer or is it just as easy to hook in with the one I have for my desktop? If so, please tell me about them. I don’t know anything about all the Gigabytes and Mhz stuff or cd write speeds…I just need someone to tell me what I need to get that works for you….Once I figure this out I’m going to get an idea on price so I can start collecting Luke’s change and writing my grocery checks for $20 over…You know the drill…

This sister in need thanks you in advance for all the yummy technical advice I just know you are going to send my way! :)