oh how i feel for her future husband….

My little girl and I (she’s four) have this silly little game we play. I start by saying, “I love you more than chocolate!” to which she answers “I love you more than chocolate, too!” She then will say something like, “I love you more than Barbies!” and I’ll repeat it back to her. We played yesterday and here’s what transpired:

Me: “I love you more than KitKats!”

Her: “I love you more than KitKats too!”

Her: ” I love you more than a pretty flower!”

Me: ” I love you more than a pretty flower too!”

Me: ” I love you more than a great pair of shoes”

Her: long, uncomfortable pause. ” Umm. I love you more than that mirror.”

Me: “WHAT? You don’t love me more than a great pair of shoes?!”

Her: “Sorry, mom…”

And I guess what broke my heart the most is that in this season in her life, a great pair of shoes to her is a pair of $3 Flip Flops from Shoe Show…But a warning to you future suitors? You’d better have a fat wallet or a grandpa named Minolo Blahnik, cause Shoe Show ain’t gonna cut it for long with this girl…

BTW – She told me she was kidding, and she really meant it.

I think.