Thankful Thursday

This past Tuesday, I turned 36 years old. My birthday was somewhat non-eventful which is the kind of day I look forward to the older I get. We went to the Mexican Restaurant, I wore the obligatory Birthday Sombrero and was serenaded by the owner with a eukelele….Free sopapillas followed. How much better can a day be? My darling hubby got me a new Strong’s Concordance keyed to my Bible and also a Catholic Bible (very helpful in my Intertestamental period studies. I and II Macabbees have some great history!) One of the ladies at church brought me a bouquet of Stargazer Lilies from her garden. They are perfection! Two of my girlfriends dropped off a Diet Coke and Economy Sized Kit Kat. Another gave me a t-shirt “Step away from the chocolate and no one gets hurt..:)) And yet another dear friend in our Senior Ladies’ class brought me a beautiful quilt which totally overwhelmed me…I also got the birthday cards from my parents that both made me cry…not to mention they had a little ‘green’ in them…So all in all, a great day with family and friends. I am a blessed girl!

What I am thankful for today is life – all 36 years of it. There was a time I would have told you I wasn’t so grateful for the first 22 years because I was not born again. I still literally cringe over the cold-hearted person I was back then. Up until the past year, I would have described my life prior to 1993 as wasted. However, I now can understand you can not be grateful for light unless you have been in pitch black. I think of the Egyptian plague of darkness – so dark it could be felt – and how overjoyed they must have been when daybreak finally came. This blotting of the sun was God’s way of showing them their most powerful deity – Ra the sun god – was impotent before Jehovah God. I feel the same way today. Those 22 years of blackness are something I can still feel from time to time, but my El Elyon reminds me the power of those years hold nothing over me now. From here on out, the occasional thunderstorm will come, but there will always be a Holy Spirit breeze blowing to reveal a beautiful, endless, blue sky.

I have arrived in a place where I am comfortable in my own skin. The hair may be getting gray. I may never lose those last 15 baby lbs. I can’t shop in the Juniors department nor buy anything but age-defying makeup. But that is SO okay with me. I embrace the good life God has chosen for me and look forward to what He has in store.

So today I am thankful for my husband who loves me unconditionally. For my kids who love me with all their muscle. For a family who loves me despite my quirks and hangups. For friends who dwell on my good instead of my insufficiencies. For you girls who are an endless source of inspiration and encouragement. And to my God, who redeemed a life that wasn’t worth living.

It’s not much, but its Yours.

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