She Enjoys Being Nothing

My daughter was playing with a teddy bear this morning her brother recently won for her in a ‘Claw Machine’. You know those obnoxious contraptions you feed with $37 in quarters in hopes of snagging a $2 stuffed animal?

Luke asked her the bear’s name because in Princess Land, everything has a name and distinct personality which determines when and how it is allowed to participate in all manners of little girl drama. The monikers range from Sally to Cinderella to FrouFrou to Jack – you get the picture.

When Luke asked this bear’s name, Princess said, “It is Nothing. She likes being Nothing.”

Does that SCREAM at anyone but me? Do you know how much truth there is in that innocent statement? I know so many believing women who are perfectly content with no name. And by this I do not mean our making a name for ourselves but accepting the name God has given us. Think about Gideon’s being a mighty warrior before he ever picked up a sword, Abraham being a father of nations before he’d ever birthed a single child, Saul embracing the Greek name of Paul in order to fufill his ministry to the Gentiles.

I wish I had time to expound on this but I only have a quick minute today…I’ve got to clean my house and cook today or my husband is going to reconsider our marriage vows. All I’ve got to say for now is this is SO going in the ‘Get Over It’ Conference!