5 Questions….

Cyndi at One Day More tagged me for a 5 Question Meme a very long time ago. I am so sorry in being lax in ‘tags’ lately! If you’ve sent me one and I haven’t responded, please forgive me. It has just been an insanely busy summer! Cyndi’s is the first of the ones I know I haven’t played along to, so here goes…

Here are my questions:

1. When is a time you felt especially close to God?
A while back, I was in the church sanctuary all alone on a weekday. The sun was shining through the stained glass in a perfect circle on the altar steps. Immediately I thought, “Take off your shoes. This place is holy ground.” I took off my shoes and laid in the light for quite some time…It was a very tender moment between Him and me.

2. If you could learn another language (easily), what would it be?
Hebrew/Aramaic/Greek to read the original bible manuscripts. Also Spanish so I can talk to my friends at the Mexican restaurant and Egyptian so I could read hieroglyphics and find evidence of the Israelites in ancient Egypt. Did you say one language? :))

3. What house chore is your least favorite and why?
Oh gosh..I truly despise them all but I guess laundry is the most overwhelming….

4. If you could have any animal (tamed) as a pet, what would it be?

A horse…I love them with all my heart..:) And a dog like Lassie that would always help me or the kids if we were in trouble.

5. What’s one thing about your life now that would’ve surprised the “teenager you” to know?

That I would be living in a small town in Alabama and be a pastor’s wife with 4 kids. I’m positive I would have jumped the nearest airplane and flew far, far away to avoid that prophecy…” :)) Aren’t we glad God doesn’t give the big picture when we are too young and stupid to appreciate it??

This was a hoot, Cyndi!! Thanks for sending it my way! I’m not tagging anyone specifically because I think a lot of you are doing this already……If you want to play, grab the questions and let me know to link you! :))