Your Birthday~My Gift

Dear Squid,

I remember the January day you were born like it was yesterday. I was doing laundry as I was getting ready to go to the doctor’s office for a scheduled checkup when my labor began. I called dad’s college office and in a very calm voice said, “Hi Tara, could you get Luke for me and tell him he has to come home. Right.Now.” All I heard were shrill squeals on the line, “Are you having the baby!!!!!???” Not only did she find dad, Tara made sure all of our dear friends knew you were on the way. You were so anticipated, so loved, so welcomed.

Thursday you experienced another sort of birthday – one on which you were born into the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Just like your natural birth, your mom and dad have so looked forward to the spiritual one. We have seen the labor pains for a while. The way you asked a few more questions. The intensity with which you listened to your Bible stories. The restlessness that seemed to grow within you. Thursday I asked you, ‘Do you ever think about salvation?’ to which you answered in a flood of tears, ‘All the time’.

We sat in the laundry room floor and talked it through. Almost ten years ago, I was standing in front of the dryer when you made it clear you were making your way into the world. It was in this same place I held you in my arms as you prayed the prayer of forgiveness which would grant you access to another. Laundry has never felt so sacred. Now that I think of it, the clothes are normally stacked as high as Sinai~an intentional parallel perhaps? I don’t know that I’ll be able to wash clothes with shoes on ever again….

And can I even talk about your baptism yesterday? Hardly without blubbering! Do you have any idea how undone your daddy was being able to baptize you? Did you think he was ever going to quit hugging you in that baptistry? I do believe you were soaked in his tears before you ever went under the water. I guess you could consider it a baptism from both your fathers. I don’t think God minded sharing on this good day.

Squidman, mom and dad are so proud of you. You have the wit of ten boys and the compassion of twenty. You’ll make a mighty man of God. How I look forward to the day He begins to reveal His plan for your life. I am in awe of the impact you’ve already made in this space and time in which you’ve been intentionally placed. You are an obedient son, a loving brother, a loyal friend.

You also make us all laugh our heads off. Here was your take on all the excitement of the day:

Me: Squid, what did you think about today? It wasn’t too scary was it?

You: Not as bad as I thought. But, I wish I was Jewish.

Me: What? Why in the world do you wish that?!!

You: They get baptism over by getting sprinkled when they are babies and they get a bucket load of money when they turn 13.

Me: Yeah, Squid. I wish you were Jewish too.

And then your face lit up in that gorgeous smile of yours which says, ‘Just kidding, mom’….

How I praise God for the indescribable honor and privilege of being your mother.

And how grateful I will eternally be to Him for giving you to me twice.

We love you, we love you, we love you, you precious kid!!!