The Best, Easiest Hot Fudge Cake EVER

A friend of mine and I had a discussion about Hot Fudge Cake and I assured her this recipe from my momma is the best EVER except she may not ever know for sure until I make one which is not likely to happen soon. In case she gives up, here is the recipe:

What you need (read the whole recipe through because I didn’t make an ingredient list..Paula Deen I ain’t):

One Devil’s Food Cake Mix (any brand is good) baked according to directions.

Here’s the secret part:

One Can of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

One Can of Eagle Brand Condensed Milk

One Stick of REAL Butter

Mix all three of these ingredients in a sauce pan and heat until it’s, you know, HOT.

The magic is in the presentation so, be sure you do this:

Cut the cake in squares and then cut a piece in half horizontally so as to have a top and bottom piece.

Drizzle some of the sauce on your plate first….All Emeril-like.

Put the bottom square of the cake down first.

Put a scoop of your favorite VANILLA ICE CREAM next.

Drizzle a little more chocolate.

Put on the top piece of cake and put a lot more chocolate.

Squirt WHIPPED CREAM over the whole mess and put a cherry on top.

I won’t even tell you this has a bazillion calories….just try not to think about it while you eat this scrumptuous thing.

An easy, signature dessert? It works for me!
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*Originally published on my old WordPress blog in February, 2007*