Where Have You Been All My Life???

Can someone tell me how in the world I have gone this long without falling in love with Hillsong?

I was listening to a different iPod this morning on my walk and their song ‘Stand’ came on. I’ve never heard it though I’m sure it is an oldie since it was part of a FUZE compilation album that belongs to one of my boys. I LOVE IT! There was another song on there by them that I can’t remember the name of right now but oh my goodness! I have to have some of their cd’s!

Which leads me to this question: Do ya’ll love Hillsong? As a newbie to their music, what is your favorite song of theirs? What cd should I buy first? Cause by this weekend, I’m going to have one and that is just all there is to it….

Waiting to hear from you…:))