God is Hilarious

I don’t know what picture you have in your mind about the personality of God. Is He serious to you? Reserved? Straight-faced? Well I personally believe He loves to laugh His head off as evidenced by the iPod shuffle He ordained for me this morning.

Every morning I walk and on days my girlfriends aren’t there, I take one of my boys’ iPods. Before I begin to listen, I always set it to shuffle and pray the Lord will have just the songs play I need to hear for worship. I guess it is the musical equivalent of flipping your Bible open and pointing to a Scripture and assuming that is the one God meant for you that day. What stinks is when that Scripture turns out being one that prophesies your doom or in the case of the kids’ iPods, when Skillet comes on instead of Hillsong. But I digress.

This morning, I prayed in the usual manner and asked the Lord to ordain my praise. Would you love to know the first song that came on?

‘White and Nerdy’ by Weird Al Yankovick

So, it is official. I am a nerd.

Because God spoke to me through my iPod and said so.

But I’m pretty sure He loves me anyway…..

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