I Got Nuthin’

I can honestly say there have been few times in my life when words were scarce. I realize things have been quiet around here for a few days, but girls AND GUYS WHO I KNOW ARE OUT THERE, I got nuthin. Do you really want to hear about my running back and forth to the football fields, littering my living room with the 37 books I’m using for my current studies, the fact I somehow in the midst of this am down to washing my last five loads of laundry, that my daughter began her pre-k class today, or that I am pregnant?

HAHAHA…Got you on that last one.

No – life around the McKay house has been quite uneventful. My latest word from the Lord is something pretty personal that would probably not translate. The kids haven’t said or done anything particularly noteworthy or blasphemous (which is a good thing I’m thinkin’). We are still baking in 100 degree temps that can just go away NOW, please and thank you.

Later in the week is looking more promising for the PW. I just found out 5 Minutes for Mom is reviewing the ‘I AM’ study on Wednesday. I hope you’ll go check it out. I’m just praying they’ll be gentle. The nature of reviews is to say something good and then offer a criticism. The good thing is a good thing but the criticism? notsomuch. However, I am entirely grateful the study is being highlighted. 5M4M is a great site…If you’ve never visited, go visit Janice, Susan, and Jennifer and tell them I sent you! (And tell Jennifer who is doing the review to take it easy on me, heh?)

Also, Round Two of the ‘I AM’ Study will begin THIS WEDNESDAY. If you missed out on the beginning last time, here’s your chance to start fresh. I hope you’ll join in!

I’m also about to finish reading a fantastic new book ‘Logged On and Tuned Out’ by Vicki Courtney, author of Your Girl and Your Boy just to name a few. It addresses the MySpace, IM, Cell Phone generation and is so enlightening. I’ll be reviewing the book and if things work out, I’ll have a cool surprise to offer. More info on that soon. BTW – Vicki has a great blog. Go check it out at www.virtuealert.blogspot.com.

Well there’s a big, long rambling bit of nonsense if you’ve ever heard it. I do hope you want give up on me. I promise, it can’t possibly get worse.
Come back, okay?