Lookin’ for Me?

I’ll be somewhere on I-24 coz I’m on my way to Nashville to get Deeper Still’d….Wahoooo!

My heart is so full as I head into this weekend. There is no doubt in my mind that for at least this 1 in 25, 000 girl, God planned the timing of this conference to coincide with some exhilirating yet frightening things going on in my own life. Oh I’m looking forward to a Word from Him. Not that I can’t get that at home, but sometimes it feels so good to get some more confirmation – is anyone feeling me on that?

Please know that I pray for you. Whether you are someone I know in full or in part, I am head over heels in love with you, Girls! Just found out on the Deeper Still blog there is a Siesta Meeting planned…I already have some of your digits, but I can not wait for the group photo op! :) I know this weekend will be full of messages to pass along…I know I never got around to updating you on Mule Day, but I promise a recap on Nashville. :) I am SO rambling, but in a word, I am tizzing…..Why am I typing instead of drying my hair and packing my makeup? Why?

Okay, I so gotta go….Please pray for an overwhelming, empowering work of the Spirit and for safe travels for all…..

Can’t wait to tell you all about it ….Blessings on you!