Meet Lisa-Writes!

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It is my distinct pleasure to introduce to you my duplicate personality, Lisa of Lisa-Writes fame!

A few months back, Lisa and I discovered we were basically living parallel lives in two different small towns in Alabama. We both love to study, teach, and write. We both have four kids. The pharmacist in my town goes to church with Lisa in HER town. And when we got together for our first IRL meeting at Cracker Barrel yesterday, we discovered we both hate raw tomatoes.

Uncanny isn’t it?

(Know what else I just noticed, Lisa? We both have the loudly-printed blue and brown palette shirts going on, too…:))

I’m thrilled out of my mind Lisa has asked me to teach at the weekend retreat her church is hosting in January. There is nothing like hanging out with a group of girls in cute pajamas while studying God’s Word and laughing your heads off ’til the wee hours of the morning….I’m SO looking forward to it, my friend!

Lisa tagged me last night to do something fun I’ve not seen yet, so let’s see if I can explain it correctly.

I am supposed to think of something about myself that starts with the letters of my middle name. I think. I may not exactly follow the rules, but anyway, here goes: (My middle name is MICHELLE)

M – Mismatched – Today was MisMatch day at school for homecoming week and I’ve just determined I stinkin’ LOVE it! My kids dug in their drawers for any old thing to wear and they were ready in 1/2 the time as usual. Can we have mismatch week, month – shoot let’s go for a year!

I – I AM – So You Don’t Have To Be Study – This study has been so much a part of what I’ve been doing for the last six months and bittersweetly, next week will be the final lesson. I’ve been studying a lot this week and praying over how to wrap it up just right. It has been an amazing experience getting to know you girls who have participated. Thanks isn’t enough!

C – CS Lewis Rocks. He is my all-time favorite theologian though he wouldn’t consider himself as such. A master at wrapping huge ideas in few words. Obviously, this is not my gift.

H – Homebody. Though I am never there I really want to be. So I’m a wannabe homebody.

E – Eccentric. I believe you can look back over the titles of my last few posts and figure this one out.

L – Lover of God. – How can you make a list describing yourself and not find a way to include God? He has been hammering me this week out of 1st Peter…Oh how I love that He spends so much time making me look like Him even if I’m bruised and battered in the process.

L – Lord of the Rings. I hope heaven looks exactly like Rivendell.

E – Eggs. What my daughter requires for breakfast every morning and what I must leave and go cook. this. instant. before she has a toxic meltdown.

It was so great finally being able to meet you, Lisa! I think I am supposed to tag someone, but I won’t simply because I have been the pits about answering tags lately and I wouldn’t dare ask someone else to do what I’m slacking in! :) If you see this and like it, tag yourself and let me know so I can link you..

Have a great Wednesday!