God Loves You and Wants to Give You Stuff

**Comments Closed: Winner TBA Shortly**
Now before you think I’ve gone all ‘Health and Wealther’ on you, please know it is one thing to tell you God wants to give you stuff generally, you know in the cosmic, all-inclusive kind of way, versus specifically meaning I actually have a tangible thing He’s going to bless you with….Whew this is getting DEEP!! Would ya’ll rather me break out my Bible and podium or would you rather just get to the point?

I do believe it is time to move along.

Today, through His servant and one of my imaginary bff’s Vicki Courtney and her

Virtuous Reality Ministry, God has showered this blog with some goodies you are going to go crazy over!

Ladies and Gentleman, the first item in our showcase is:

Vicki Courtney’s “His Girl” Bible Study!

Each high-energy video is designed to be used as a springboard for Bible study and discussion, and to provide positive role models for teen girls.

This Pack contains:
1 Leader’s Guide
1 Student Book Magazine

The DVD contains teaching segments featuring Christian music artists Kelly Minter and Jami Smith, along with youth speaker Ruth Geertz. This DVD also contains interviews with teen girls who are wrestling with the issues discussed in the study.


One of you highly favored girls will also receive Vicki’s

Your Girl Bible Study!

This DVD pack contains 2 DVDs and 1 Member Book. The DVD contains teaching segments featuring Vicki Courtney. On it, Vicki speaks to the hearts of mothers as she provides practical insights, helpful instruction, and inspirational challenges.

And You Thought That Was All Didn’t You?

Well, you were WRONG! I don’t want to leave out our Boy Moms (you know, moms of boys, not BOY moms) Ahem. SO, now that’s all cleared up, the next item for Giveaway is:


Book Description: When popular speaker Vicki Courtney released the best-selling Your Girl in 2004, and Beth Moore declared it “A must read for every daughter’s mother,” it wasn’t long before a fast-growing audience was naturally requesting Your Boy. After all, parents are seeking help to grow godly sons as well. And as the mother of two boys herself, Vicki rises to the occasion with this inspiring, tell-it-like-it-is new favorite.

And now you must surely be asking yourself, “How do I enter this fabulous Giveaway? What will it take to get my name in the hat for these wonderful gifts?”

Here, my friend, is what you need to do to enter:

1. Go visit Vicki’s ministry, “Virtuous Reality” for teen and tween girls. Browse around at what resources are available. Vicki also has a blog for parents called Virtue Alert that addresses many issues we are facing in raising tweens and teens…You’ll particulary like her new feature ‘Hot Topic’ where you can ask questions and weigh in on issues she’s addressing.

2. Come back and put your name and blog address on my Mr. Linky. Beside your name, tell me whether you have a boy, a girl, or both. If you don’t have a blog, be sure you leave an email address in the comments so I can contact you.

3. Oh, and one more thing, TELL EVERYBODY YOU KNOW to enter.

That’s all. That’s it! Easy enough, isn’t it? I’ll use the random number generator to select 3 winners.

One more thing!! Vicki is going to be on ‘Focus on the Family’ Monday and Tuesday, October 8th-9th in a radio broadcast entitled “Parenting an Online Generation”. Go here to find a station near you! (For those of you who live in the GA, AL, TN Tri-State area, you can listen on WMBW 88.9 at 12:00 PM/11:00 AM CST)

Okay, now I think that is really all. Have fun with this one girls!! I can’t wait to see who wins!

The Winners will be selected next Friday, October 12th.