The answer to the BM Riddle….

Winner Announced – #153 Joanne at the Simple Wife…Congratulations!
Well, it’s not Barry Manilow, or Bruno Magli, or that other b.m. word the mommy bloggers came up with.

But if you guessed The Original Siesta Beth Moore, you were correct!

And now, you are going to flip out when you see what dear Chelle at White Post Media has sent you girls this time.

Beth’s Loving Well’
Retreat in a Box!

Is that a collective Waaaahooooo I hear?

I doubt you need me to tell you anything about this study to make you want it any more than simply knowing it’s BETH’s. But, please allow some bloggy liberty as I tell you a few things about this kit.

Here’s what I love:

* The Theme – Loving all types of people well.

We all have them in our lives: those easy to love, those not so easy to love. But let’s face it, you and I fall into one of those two camps. This study is practical and in classic Beth style, pulls principles we need from God’s Word to make a difference in how we relate with one another in our everyday relationships.

* It can be used as a 4-session weekend retreat – no speaker needed.

That is assuming you’d rather hear Beth Moore than me, or Leigh, or Linda, or Lisa. But hey, we understand. Really. We do. Noooo hard feelings. None.

* It can be used as a 4-Session Bible Study.

The journal that comes with the kit expounds on the theme of the video segments so you can blow it out for a short-term study with your small group.

* The Retreat Guide has a ton of great ideas for games, activities, etc. for any retreat and all your publicity material is included.

As a women’s ministry director, I understand the search for fun things to do when the girls get together. This resource will be one you can use for many other activities to come. Beth and Travis are hysterical explaining how to play the games.

* It has a stinkin’ adorable tote bag included.

A girl can ne-ver have enough totebags. You can see what it looks like in the photo above.

The thing I don’t like:

* I only have one.

This means if you get one, I do not. But Jesus said it is a bigger blessing to give than receive (Acts 20:35) and wow was He correct. I am having so much fun giving ya’ll stuff!! Your comments on these giveaway posts give me the best giggles.

Okay, so here’s what you do:

1. Go visit the Loving Well site to find out more about this product.
2. Come back and sign the Mr. Linky. It’d be great if you’d link to your site to this GiveAway, too. :)
3. Don’t forget to leave your email address in the comments if you don’t have a blog.
4. If you have already used this study kit, I’d love for you to leave your thoughts in the comments about how your group used it.

I’ll be out of town through next weekend so I won’t announce the winner until Monday, October 29th.

Go tell all the Siestas! :)