Why Mii?

It has started. The Christmas Madness. Finding the One Toy that tops the kids’ Christmas list.

2007 is officially the Year of the Wii.

Oh, Mii.

I thought I would get a really early start and not go through what I did last year trying to find a Gameboy. “I’ll just jump online and buy one, no problem” I thought.

Yeah. Whatever.

After searching my WalMart and K-Mart and visiting every online retailer out there I discovered the heat is on. There are no Wii’s.

Except on Ebay.

And what can I say except I got caught up in the excitement and bought one for a stinkin’ fortune a significant amount over retail.

Which leads me to my current rant. What is up with these extortionists who are buying up kids’ toys to resell them to desperate parents at the holidays? There are people with stacks, STACKS I tell you, of Wii’s all with WalMart receipts taped on them for “your holiday shopping needs”.

Dude, I needed you to leave the Wii’s at the store so I could buy them for stinkin’ retail!!!

So anyway, here I am with an overpriced Wii when my friend who works at WalMart calls me and says they have one and I may can get it if I come then. I went, I saw, I bought.

And then there were two.

And now I have made a major dent in the Christmas fund and totally need to get rid of the one I bought from the zit-faced teenager in New Jersey who for all I know could be funding terrorism with his ill-gotten gain.

Isn’t there a verse somewhere about a dog returning to its vomit? Does anyone know if there is one about a crazy momma returning to Ebay? Perhaps selling my Wii seems hypocritical, but I only find comfort in knowing I am not profiting in another’s desperation.

I’ll be lucky if I break even on someone’s desperation which is a different matter entirely.

So, whatever you do, don’t go here. I don’t want to sell this to anyone I know.

I’ll just feel more Christian that way.

UPDATE: YAY!! I got my money back plus enough change to pay my seller fees…We’ll call it a break even! Thank you Lord that Luke doesn’t have to kill me now. That could have gotten messy. Not to mention it would have hurt.