Happy Thanksgiving!

I only have time to pop in for a minute. Just today we have had a revolving door of children coming and going. We are remodeling/painting the garage to make a second den for the kids as a Christmas gift. I’ve gone to Lowe’s twice to get more ‘stuff’. We didn’t have Wednesday service tonight so everyone can be with family and cook. Therefore, I am being with family and cooking. We also have a football party to attend in 2 hours.

*Sigh* I’m tired already and it’s only just begun.

I wanted to simply stop in and tell you how very thankful I am for you. For my family and friends ‘in real life’ and for those I’m only able to communicate with through this blog. God has particularly impressed upon me today how utterly blessed I am to know I am never alone in this world. I have a forever companion in my husband, a home overflowing with great kids, family who love me in spite of my quirks and friends all over the world who know what nerd I am and still come to this blog for a visit anyway.

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving full of laughter and family and shopping. For those of you experiencing sorrow, I pray God will embrace you with a measure of peace reserved for times like these.

p.s. I just have a random question for you. Do any of you pay our kids to be in the Church Christmas Play?

Ummm, Yeah. Me neither.

p.s.s. One more thing! I’ll be at the cafe’ on Friday. I mean not really there because, in true Preacher Wife style, I’ll be fist-fighting at the early bird sales in LifeWay. And then I’ll be at Starbucks for my apple cider fix. I truly can NOT wait.

I do promise however to leave something spiritual behind for you to read while I’m gone. ;)