Writer/Teacher/Speaker Helps

I read an enormous amount of literature that is quotable. Problem is, it’s terribly easy to forget what I’ve read later on when I need something applicable for a particular project.

I’ve always read with a highlighter but what I’ve begun doing is making a note at the beginning of significant book chapters with a note on the subject addressed by what I’ve marked. For example, at the top of Chapter 4 of CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters, I have a note that says, “The Necessity and Effect of Prayer”. This tells me the general topic of the chapter and reminds me what my highlighted material specifically addresses. I also keep books that are important to me in one particular bookcase so I know where to find them when needed.

If you are a teacher, speaker, writer, etc., I think you’ll find this little tip of great value when preparing material. Just the simple act of jotting down these notes also helps me recall where I’ve read a certain thing I want to use. Another quick note: If something knocks me upside the head when I read or hear it, I write it straight to my current journal.

And you may be thinking right now I’m about the geekiest girl on the planet.

But hey, it’s just a little something that Works For Me!

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