101 Damnations

Now before you go thinking that the Preacher’s Wife has commenced to cussin’, let me tell you the funniest thing.

A friend at church gave my daughter some computer games today and one of them was 101 D-a-l-m-a-t-i-A-n-s. When we got home, I heard daughter saying, “now where did that damnation one go? Mom!! What did you do with the 101 Damnations?”

Don’t get pious on me. You know you think it’s funny.

I normally don’t correct her adorable little mis-speaks but I figured I’d better enlighten her on this one. The thing is when I thought about it, if I had 101 dogs running all over my house I probably would be cussin’. Geesh. Can you even imagine? Who dreams up those Disney cartoons anyway? I would totally not have a problem with letting Cruella take a few off my hands – fur coat or not.

(Don’t email me, PETA people. Just kindasorta jokin, ‘kay?)

Speaking of the little daughter, she pulled a fast one on hubs today. I’ve shared with you the girl has serious clothing issues. Well, this morning I had gone to church to teach the elementary Bible classes we host once a week. Since I have to be there before 8 am, Luke stays home on those days until Girl wakes up. He then gets her ready and brings her to church a little later.

This morning, I had neglected to fold socks out of the enormous basketful that is still sitting in my laundry room (why am I blogging when I should be folding socks?). The hubby decides he isn’t digging through the basket forever to find a match so he grabs two that are somewhat similar. Now, he knows Girl isn’t going to go for the whole socks-don’t-match thing so while she is still half asleep, he hides her face under the blanket and hurries to put on her socks and boots.

Tonight he was laughingly sharing with me how he’d pulled a fast one on her and how incredibly proud he was of himself for doing it. He said, ‘ you gotta see this’ and yells, “GIRL, come in here a minute!” She ran into the room and lo and behold, she was wearing matching socks.

Ya’ll, according to her, once she woke up and got her bearings this morning she actually took her boots off to see what socks her dad had put on her feet. When she realized he’d unacceptably put mismatches on her, she got the pair out of her laundry basket she’d worn YESTERDAY and put them on instead. She put her boots back on and Luke never knew the difference. To which I say,


Oh I am STILL rolling. I kept telling that man-o-mine he couldn’t pull one on The Girl and I think he is finally figuring it out. Somebody please tell me – if it’s like this when she is five, what the heck are we gonna do when she’s 15? Vicki, will you address this anywhere in your Five Conversations book? :)

Okay, so that’s my tale for the day. I’m off to bed early tonight so I can get some good sleep before I hit the road with my new girlfriends tomorrow. I would love your continued prayers for the retreat this weekend. I am completely ready for a God Show.

Cya soon!