Judging by the sound of crickets chirping, I’m the only one not out to dinner?

I hope you girls aren’t reading this because if you are, it means you are not having a delicious dinner with your sweetie in a restaurant without a large, red-headed clown out front.

As for me and my house, we are staying home, saving our money, and watching Lost. And in the meantime, I’m trying to ignore the Thin Mints calling my name from the freezer. Yes, I froze them thinking that would keep me from eating them as easily. Turns out, they are an ice cold HEAVEN. How entirely appropriate that I should be working on a bible study of flesh versus spirit. In my own translation of Paul’s struggle with sin I could add, “the cookies I don’t want to eat I eat, and the cookies I do want to eat, I eat.” As of right now, I’m not feelin’ the whole overcoming thang.

But, it’s Valentine’s Day. I’m sitting here cuddled with my family and life just doesn’t get any better. And if I decide it could get just a tad better with a mouth full of Thin Mints, I won’t beat myself up too badly.

It’s my First Place Leader I’m scared of. Have mercy, J.?

Have a great night!