Maddening, I Say!

Why did I think I could tune in to Lost last night and perhaps get more answers than questions?

I’ve read several posts where people are trying to determine who the good guys are. We now know that the man behind the freighter is Whidmore a.k.a. Penny’s dad. The only thing I have been able to determine thus far is that there are no good guys. They both kill people, people! How is either Ben or Whidmore good? The only thing we have left to decide is if we would rather stick with the devil we know – or kind of know – instead of the one we do not.

Here are some things I caught in last night’s episode:

1. Juliette isn’t as innocent as she plays, that ‘ole husband stealer. I despise her and my heart absolutely sank when Jack kissed her. ugggh. Anyway, I did read in a TV Guide spoiler that she gets off the island and works alongside Sayid for Ben by assassinating Whidmore’s people.

2. Did you hear Ben ask if the rabbit Locke was cooking had a number on it? In a previous episode, one of the orientation tapes showed a rabit with the #15 appear in duplicate to one that was already in the room. Think they were experimenting with time travel the same way Daniel was with Eloise the rat? Is it significant that the same rabbit could be in the same place in duplicate which would explain Ben’s freedom to travel in civilization and remain on the island?

3. Was Harper the psychiatrist dead when she appeared to Juliette? If Harper was dead, why didn’t Juliette freak?

4. Who in the world was Harper talking about when she told Juliette that Ben liked her because she looked just like ‘her’?

5. And what was the deal about the gas? Was Ben not afraid of dying if the gas were released? He’s been a prisoner with no mask so what’s the deal about wanting everyone else dead (which is what would have happened if Juliette followed her orders and killed Daniel)? Better yet, do you think Ben really issued that order or was Harper acting on behalf of Jacob?

And for Pete’s sake, tell us who the man on the boat is??? I’m thinking maybe Michael or Walt but I truly won’t be surprised no matter whose name they drag up.

Did any of you catch anything I didn’t? Fire away!