One Lump Or Two?

This past Saturday Luke and I hosted a group from church in our home to begin facilitating Chip Ingram’s 9-week parenting class.

You can stop laughing now.

My Number Three Boy was very intrigued with the idea and must have asked a zillion times, “What do you do in a parenting class? What is it for? What are y’all going to tell everybody? Why does anyone need a parenting class if you are already parents?” and blahdyblahdyblah all day long while I was trying to clean house. I finally told him we were going to watch videos of new, proven methods of butt-whoopin‘. I also added that we were using him to demonstrate and we’d know the best one by how loudly he screamed.

He hushed.

My mad parenting skillz know no bounds.

So anyway, one of my cleaning projects was to clear my counter tops of all my chatzkis and unused small appliances so there would be plenty of room for all the goodies the different couples were bringing. My toaster oven found a temporary home on top of the dryer and my Kitchen Aid Mixer was relocated to the ironing board. I love my laundry room because it is huge and a great place to stuff left over junk when company comes.

Never mind how mortified I was during one point of the evening when I found the door standing wide open thanks to one of my children. So if any of you who were here saw The Wonder Emporium that is my wash room and were puzzled as to why there was a mixer on the ironing board and a toaster oven on the dryer, well now ya know.

While clearing the counters, I also decided to put my canisters of flour, sugar, etc. up in the pantry. The only cleared shelf was on the very top but if I stretch my arms and stand on my tip toes I can reach it without using a chair.

Well, a bit later, I realized I needed sugar and that I would need to get the canister back down. Because I’m lazy, I decided I could probably pull it out with my fingertips if I was very careful.

I totally should have gotten the chair.

Now, my canisters are those clear, very heavy, glass containers with a lid. The sugar was almost a complete bag so add 5 lbs. to at least a 4 lb. canister. I pulled the thing towards me from the shelf and that’s when things went horribly, terribly wrong. I’ll be darned if the thing didn’t slip out of my hands and hit me HARD right on top of my head, bounce off, and smash to a zillion little pieces all over my freshly mopped floor.

If you are thinking ouch well you’d be stinkin‘ right. Ouch doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I have never been knocked unconscious in my life but this time I thought I was going down. If I even considered falling out on the floor the idea of lying in glass and sugar while my poor kids were there with me alone brought me to my senses. Not to mention I was too doggone mad over my messed up floor to give in to feminine vapors.

So now, I am sporting an egg-sized knot on my noggin. So if you happen to notice my hair looking a little bodacious on the right side than usual, that’d be why.

The ministry is all about sacrifice, people, and I am joyfully willing to break many more things over my head if it means we get to have as much fun as we did Saturday.

But I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the next time I’ll be stuffing pillows in the pantry.