Once Upon A Time…..

Once upon a time in a land far south of the Mason-Dixon, there was a girl who liked to write stories. Imagine her delight when one of those stories actually ended up in a REAL LIVE BOOK!

Yes, ma’am! One of my tales is included in the Life Savors anthology. There is also a companion book called Life Savors for Women. Mine is in the general volume. I have no idea what page as I haven’t actually seen the book yet. I know that it is currently available at Amazon and CBD but am told it is also being sold by major retailers whose identities are still a mystery.

I am nothing if not a bundle of information.

Y’all keep your eyes out for it and let me know if you see it anywhere. And hey, it’d be great if you bought it, too. FYI, Linda Crow of 2nd Cup of Coffee and Darlene Schacht are also contributors though I am not sure which volume.

Anything other questions I can’t answer for you?

Hope you have an excellent Saturday filled with Easter eggs and bright green cupcakes! Oh, and lets not forget a whole lot of Jesus.

UPDATED: There is a link to Amazon in my sidebar for both these books if you are interested!