Perhaps I Should Look Into Alternative Forms of Entertainment

I don’t know how you moms of toddlers feel about Yo Gabba Gabba. I’m personally a little intrigued with DJ Lance. He’s like a Raj throwback from the days of ‘What’s Happening’.

However, something about this show brings out the inner beast in The Girl. She gets the Pavlov Dog reaction everytime it comes on that, for lack of better words, freaks me out. The Girl normally watches her morning shows with wonder and delight, but here’s what I heard this morning when DJ Lance introduced himself as ‘Your Friend’:

“I am NOT your friend you stinkin’ weirdo. Get a new outfit!”
(Don’t you love how she went straight for the fashion jugular?)

And when he dared introduce the Dancy Dance:

“You think YOU know how to Dancy Dance like crazy? I’ll show you crazy!”

I’ll show you crazy, indeed.

Tomorrow we are totally back to Wonder Pets.