Spring Garden Tour

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Okay, so a lot of you know I live in Alabama and obviously, I don’t venture North of the Mason-Dixon much. I forget that some of you darlin’ girls are still rockin’ your parkas and scarves in May instead of planting a spring flower bed. In the interest of making sure everyone can participate on our Garden Tour, the date is changing to JUNE 13th. The button will be updated soon but for now consider this a heads up.
Also, I want to give a huge thanks to BooMama for deferring her own Garden Tour to this one. Just one more reason why we love her so….:)

There are lots of things I love about Spring.

Blooming dogwoods dancing in the breeze. Lawnmowers and the smell of freshly-cut grass. Birds singing and twittering about. Tulips pushing their way through the ground. And most importantly, not freezing to stinkin’ death from daylight to dark.

Give me 100 degrees over 20 N-E-Day.

I mentioned that Luke and I enlisted the children in a Family Work Day to help clean out our overgrown, dead-shrub infested flower beds last Saturday. The Girl happily chanted as we toiled away, “Work day is boring. Work day is boring.” Boring or no, the end result was a fresh slate in which to dig to my heart’s delight.

I wish I could tell you I have a green thumb and that I spend great amounts of time in the garden. But alas, the flowers and me part ways soon after they are planted. I have this condition called Lazy that prevents me from dragging out the waterhose everyday of our yearly drought to keep the little pretties watered. So, this summer there is but one design concept that will guide my flowerbed reinvention – Low Maintenance.

Or $5 a week to the kid who will drag out the hose everyday.

Or Cactii. Lots of Cactii.

Anyway, I love a good yard and I thought about how fun it would be for us all to share pictures of our own flowerbeds, gardens, what have you. Are you planning a landscaping project? Got some hanging baskets or window boxes you adore? Have a great birdfeeder or fountain or outside room you’d like to show us? A patio, a porch swing, or a hammock that beckons, “Come sit a while?” Maybe you have an area you’d like to redo but need help deciding what types of plants to put in. This little Garden Tour has nothing to do with extravagance but rather sharing something outside that you love.

I’ve set the date for The Garden Tour for Friday, June 13th. That should give everyone in most climates time for spring to be sprung. If you are interested in participating or just want to spread the word, feel free to grab the button code from this post.

So will you play along?!