Things You Never Wanted To Know

Lindsee tagged me for Seven Random Things and, true to form, I’ve waited way too long to holla back (am I too old to pull off Gwen?) at one of the most darlin‘ little college girls I’ve never met. (Never met yet I should add…San Antonio had better watch out!) So here’s to you, Lindsee! May your hair retain that glossy lustre and your shoe collection increase one hundred fold.

(It was meant for me to do this today. I JUST got an email with the same tag from Robyn at 3 Girls Mom. So here’s for you, too, my Alabama friend! :)

Here’s my current list of randomness in, you guessed it, no particular order….

1. I was a rockstar for a day!

Apparently Boomama and I had the same idea about hosting a Garden/Spring Tour thing. When I found out she’d thought about doing one too I had a flash back from high school when the new girl dared encroach on the territory of the homecoming queen. Let’s just face it, her blog can squish my blog like an insignificant little bug and I totally would have yielded. But, because she is Southern thru and thru, (and I’m suspecting the Jesus lovin‘ factored in as well) she graciously gave the party to me and even linked it so her gajillion readers would find it – the bloggy equivalent of delivering a freshly baked pound cake (or 1000 cakes as it were) with fresh berries.

I am certain it comes as no surprise for me to tell you that Sophie is no Mean Girl. Thanks again for being such a doll.

And, lest I forget to tell you, my stat counter called.

“Single digits, please? *cough* *wheeze* Can we return to the single digits?”

Oh poor, tired baby. You can rest soon.

2. My computer is even more awesome than I knew.

Y’all know that hubby surprised me with a new laptop for Christmas. Again, no real shocker that I haven’t read the instruction book. I’ve just been using the basic functions because, hey, I’m a simple country girl.

I just figured out LAST NIGHT this fabulous piece of machinery has a slot for my camera card! No cords! Give Him Praise! I can put the camera card STRAIGHT INTO THE COMPUTER! And the pictures? They upload AUTOMATICALLY! Did y’all know this? And if you did, why in heavens name didn’t you tell me? Is there anything else a computer manufactured since 1980 does that I should know about?

3. I am so sick of being cold.

This has been the year of Bone Chillin‘. I don’t know if it’s my age or what, but I absolutely can not get warm. Today I went to McDonalds to write while The Girl was in Pre-K. (The Library was hosting Family Week for the town. Considering this is the loudest library in the history of Dewey Decimal, it’s no surprise to me they would host a throw down in what is supposed to be a quiet place of study and contemplation.) Anyway, I promise the manager had the thermostat set on McArcticBlast. I typed for a solid hour and finally decided I could stand it no more when my fingers literally turned blue. I’m not exaggerating. I would never in a bazillion years exaggerate. But, even though I’d paid 2 dollars and 95 stinkin‘ cents to get online, I had to load up and take the whole operation to the Suburban so I could warm up. But, I did not leave! Oh no, I wasn’t letting that precious internet time go to waste. So, I worked away in the confines comfort of my truck. Pathetic, huh?

(Y’all are going to love that Chapter. I’m certain it will be, considering the environment and the spiritual state I was in, the most riveting of them all.)

4. My new shoes hurt like the devil.

But I don’t care. They are adorable.

5. My hair is currently the color of a fire engine engulfed in flames.

Not really. But it was.

Before our women’s retreat I wanted to get my hair done. I had this bright idea that I could have the same color as Eva Longoria. My hair is naturally dark and this time instead of light brown highlights, I opted for Eva’s auburn loveliness. See there? Those tinges of auburn?

I didn’t get those.

I got Auburn War Eagle auburn. Also known as orange. (You would have liked it, Vicki)

My hair? It was on fiyah.

Now, let me be clear it wasn’t my hairdresser’s fault. I got what I asked for. The problem was that I had blonde highlights so the auburn tint wasn’t brown enough to make up for the leftovers of lightness. Holy cow. That made no sense whatsoever. Is anyone getting this?

So anyway, you know who your real friends are when one of them drags you to the drug store hair color section and buys a box of color for you. Let’s just say it’s toned down tremendously, and both my friend and I are now happy. Er. Happier.

However, and unfortunately, no amount of hair color will ever make me look like Eva Longoria.

6. Alabama birds have excellent aim.

Luke came in today and said, “What in the world did you do to make the birds mad?” Amazingly, there is no poop on the rest of my car. Just the rear view mirrors on each side. I’m thinking there must have been some sort of birdy smack down going on. You know, a Team Aniston vs. Team Jolie type thing. Team Passenger won as evidenced by their coating of both sides of the mirror. Team Driver? Maybe next time.

And hopefully next time it is Luke’s truck instead of mine.

7. I loaded those bird poop photos straight into the computer. With NO CABLES. (See #2)

Did I mention I’m loving the camera card drive?

Don’t ever say I can’t give you some random, girls. I’m supposed to tag someone, but because I’m a rebel and I never know who likes these things, I’ll just ask you to tag yourself if this looks like fun to you.

Have a great Tuesday!