Just suppose my 5-year-old daughter’s name is Sally Jane and then imagine my utter disbelief at hearing her introduce herself to another little girl at the ballfield last night when she didn’t think I was listening:

SJ: Hi. My name is Sally. What is your name?

Other girl: Emma.

SJ: Well, my name is Sally. My nickname is Jane. And if you are wondering what color my hair is? *Hair swish* It’s blonde but actually it looks more like honey.




Surprisingly, precious Emma was non-plussed by Miss Honey Hair but give it a few years and I’m scared to death that little display will be met with a YouTubed whoopin’.

If her mom and dad don’t get to her first.

And can I just ask you? Are little girls prissier than they ever used to be or am I just now noticing since I’ve been busy raising three boys?