Our Second Honeymoon, or more accurately, The Adventures of Mamaw and Papaw

Luke and I are in the mountains taking a couple of days to belatedly celebrate our 18th anniversary. While here, we have come arrived at two overwhelming conclusions:

We are old.

We are boring.

Here are the highlights of our trip thus far:

1. We ate at Bullfish Grill.

We arrived at 3:40 looking forward to a nice meal full of uninterrupted conversation. Since it was uninterrupted, we were able to eat and say all of our words in 33 minutes flat. We left at 4:13.

2. We shopped at Five Oaks.

Found some adorable things for the kids at Old Navy. That’s where the pleasant shopping ended. Went to Aeropostale and I only have one thing to say: If my teenage daughter is ever working at a retail clothing outlet and rolls her eyes at you because you are obviously too old to be trying on a pair of shorts from a predominantly young, skinny people store? You have my permission to jerk her up by her ear lobe and pray some Holy Spirit fire down on her. I didn’t – but I wanted to.

And by the way, smart alec girl? They totally fit. I just hated the color.

3. We ate dessert at Marble Slab.

The inside of the place was packed and one particular woman was letting her kids tear the place down so we decided to sit outside. When I am childless there is no stinkin’ way I’m going to subject myself to someone else’s kids’ tantrums. It was quite chilly outdoors and because of this I discovered something interesting: The picnic benches at Marble Slab have the same effect on cellulite as on ice cream. Hence our taking the party to the peace and warmth of the truck.

Romantic stuff, eh?

4. We burned an hour’s worth of gas trying to think of something to do which basically means we can’t afford anything we might think of.

We really want to be fun y’all. We have racked our brains trying to think of what our young, cute friends would do if they were here. I had some great ideas but seems like everything we could agree on was closed because after all, it is a Monday night in off season. Which leads to…..

# 6. We are back in the room. It is 7:20.

So, the fact I am blogging should clearly indicate we aren’t cut out for this second honeymoon thing. At this rate, we’ll need to get up by at least 4 p.m. tomorrow to fit in all the fun we have planned.

But, here’s the cool thing. Luke has agreed that he will do at least one thing I want though he can’t decide which would be his worst nightmare. In the interest of making things easier on us both, which one would you pick?